Tater Tot Taper Tuesday

I'm so excited to be writing the words TAPER, but ironman taper in the first week is still a lot however not as much as before and for that, I am a thankful girl.

First, I'm doing a STEPBET! WOOO!!! I have been trying to get a challenge going for quite some time that is related to running, and I wasn't sure exactly what to do, and Step Bet contacted me. Here's how it works, and it's just like Diet Bet: 

-You pay entry of $40 ( step.bet/katie ) and download the FREE stepbet app

-They assign you a step count (that includes running) that is a goal set based on what you are currently doing and how to do better than that (there is an active goal and a stretch goal which "stretches you to do more")

-If you do this for the 6 weeks then you get your money back and then you split the rest with all of the other people that finish! 

It's super fun, low key easy, and is connected with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and the Health app on apple and droid phones. It is not with Garmin as of right now, but my phone Health app is what I'm using. Here's the link again! :) step.bet/katie SUPER PUMPED!!!

Last week, I did the same structure as always during the week (which is basically the same structure as this week that you'll see below) other than the fact that my brother asked me to come over on Thursday night, and I had to work all day at the pharmacy so I decided to make that my rest day. Let me just insert here that again, things can be changed around. There's always adjustments that can be made. If it's key workouts then you need to get them in, but this was an easy 6 miles. I also was planning a swim in Moss Lake with friends on Sunday which is normally my rest day so I just shifted.

Here's what happened though. I woke up Sunday and realized how cold it was outside and freaked out. I started doing research because I don't have a wet suit. I rented one last year and doing the same this year. I didn't see the point in purchasing as I don't plan on continuing to need one. Anyway, I bailed. I biked for 80 miles, which was the plan there too and then I ran 5 miles off the bike however I only swam a small distance last week. Again, that never bothers me. I just readjust, so I swam yesterday after my 8 miler. Someone once asked me if I was addicted to exercise (gotta love the internet). Haaaa...no. I GLADLY welcome rest days, I absolutely LOVE a taper, and if I go on a trip I always pretend I'm gonna run the entire time (like when we went to Europe) and I legit ran like maybe 3 miles the entire trip! LOL! I like to be intense and accomplish huge goals, but I like to do other fun stuff too. 

On Friday, I ran 14 miles @ 7:35 pace which felt AMAZING in the fall air! A-Mazing! I knew that I was volunteering at a 5K and I assumed I would just jog it to total 17ish miles for the day. I get to the race, and there are two churches involved. My church friends were all like "Sooo, you're going to win this right?" and I was all like "No yall, I ran 14 miles this morning" and they were like "OH COME ON!" I genuinely didn't want to race it, as racing scares me this close to an ironman. Knowing me, I'd pop something and be down for the count. LOL.

Right at the start, I was like "Oh whatever, I guess I'm racing this" as the gun goes off. It had two AWFUL hills and I was thinking "This is terrible. I'll stick to going long and slow! HAHA!!!" I ended up at 20 minutes on the dot (20:00:04 which is 6:28/mile). My PR is 18:20 from a few years ago and I'd love to beat that on a day I didn't run long before and when I've actually been doing speed work and I think I have it in me so I might have to race another 5K forreal and planned in Nov/Dec!

So, this week:

Monday-8 miles+2000m swim

Tuesday-2 hour cycle (probably outside) + 6 miles

Wednesday-8 mile run

Thursday-70 mile bike

Friday-4200yard swim

Saturday or Sunday-18-20 mile long run

I have no idea what I'm going to be doing in Chicago. I know I'm going to the shake out run before the marathon with Kelly (Run Selfie Repeat) and I know that I'll be with Bethany (@babfitrunlife) and Steph (@runtrimom) for a lot of the time as well. I'm running portions of the marathon with Bethany and Kelly as a pacer, which is Sunday so basically I'm just leaving my long run in the air and I'm sure I'll get it done at some point. If I don't, then I'm staying Monday until 430pm which is late enough to get in 20 miles when I wake up.

Saturday will be two weeks out, and at that point, I'm going to really scale back and taper at that point. I have felt as if I wasn't as prepared as some other people that are doing their first ironman or according to plans that you find online. I'm not worried about that as I know that I'm still prepared, but that's why I'm doing a two week aggressive taper versus a slow and drawn out three weeks. That's what I prefer anyway. I get lethargic with a three week taper.

And if you're wondering about tater tots, I just like to eat them so we keep a bag in the freezer to put in the oven with seasoned salt #allnatural #plantbased #jksoprocessed.

After my final long ride-Tanner pointed out that the one thing on my quads that has grown in muscle is that place right above my knee cap like at the very base of my quad. I would never have noticed but I thought that was cool to see! :)

After my final long ride-Tanner pointed out that the one thing on my quads that has grown in muscle is that place right above my knee cap like at the very base of my quad. I would never have noticed but I thought that was cool to see! :)


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