The Cleveland County Fair is in town!!!

So, in Shelby, we like to pride ourselves on having the biggest fair in North Carolina aside from the state fair in Raleigh. I have so many memories at the fair, and there's only been one year of my life that I haven't been able to go. I have to say it doesn't feel the same now that I'm an adult, and there are tons of things that have changed, but it still gives me this nostalgic comfort while being there. Rachel is also an absolute gem for taking these pictures. She is trying to learn photography better, and I think she has an amazing talent. She also put up with my awkwardness. Now time for no words and just a bunch of pictures! :)

Such a good sport hahaha!

Such a good sport hahaha!

And last but not least, my beautiful friend!! You know those people that you feel like you are even lucky to get to be so close to...that's how I feel about Rachel. Her and her husband Wes have become some of our best friends over the past year. She's such a good, fun person and I love her to pieces. I could go into all of her spiritual gifts, but just know she's awesome! lol!

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