26.2 Books for Endurance Athletes

I wrote a blog on the election, then I thought that you guys had probably heard it from enough people, and I would just get back to maybe some other reads to keep your mind in other places! :)

I did however give yesterdays blog break as more of a "moment of silence for America." haha!

I wanted to bring you some amazing books today that I know will get you all inspired. I only own the ones that you'll see pictures of, but I have so many on my kindle. Kindle has just recently been something that I'm a fan of. I used to be all about that paperback, and I am. I love going to a bookstore and getting a fresh book and sitting down with coffee and reading however I'm also a fan of not having to lug around different books if I'm going on a trip. I also like that I can read the kindle while on the treadmill, so the kindle has won the war for now.

Backstory: I used to be a HUGE reader. Like, H-UGE. When I was in the 5th grade, I got to be principle of the day because I had the most AR points. I was also super busy with sports, but in the car between soccer games, I was reading books. My parents had to limit my book reading time because I would like take books into restaurants, and read at the table. LOL! I was obsessed. I also loved Nancy Drew which is the early stages of how much I love crime stories. But today is not about those.

This list is actually going to be my list as well so that I make sure that I've read every single endurance book there is. haha! I haven't read all of these, but I've read quite a few of them.

4. RUN!

11. Run or Die

12. The Cool Impossible

13. Always Running

14. Running and Being

15. The Ultra Mindset

16. Unbreakable Runner

17. Faster, Higher, Stronger

18. Running Away 

19. Where The Road Ends

To cap this off, I thought I'd give books that are not necessarily running books but are inspirational. Tanner is really into books about climbing simply because he believes that the mindset that resonates with these people is the same mindset that you have to have to be an endurance runner, and as someone who is neither of those two, he believes that it builds character to recognize the mindset behind the crazy! I couldn't agree more that my journey has only happened because I was inspired by those before me that believed in themselves to do more than they currently are. I love having others share their stories.

He actually just peeked at me writing this blog, and he said "Oh you're posting those books. Those are all incredible" so you definitely should read these.

20. Addicted To Danger

21. Together on top of the world

22. On the Edge of Survival

23. Into Thin Air

24. Alone on the Side of the Wall

25. One More Step

26. A Life on the Edge

What is the 0.2? Well, I tried to be clever, but I'm going to make my 0.2 to challenge you to go get a library card. We all could use some book reading instead of facebook reading and instagram surfing. We all have become so out of touch with beautiful stories just so that we can go on instagram and compare how we aren't as good as that person or get on facebook and argue over politics. I love sinking into my chair with a cup of coffee and a new book! I got a library card last week, and hope you will too! :)

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