Law of Attraction

If you didn't know me in the past, I would venture to say that you probably think that I've been a positive person my entire life. I really do try to see the best in every single situation and try to look from every angle to be able to do so. However, this was an extremely hard trait for me to learn. I can remember every single year that I would start middle school and high school, I would tell myself to not get so frustrated with people, teachers, and things that didn't go my way. I know that this is all part of growing up, but for me it felt significant and like something that I could never change. I was constantly having negative thoughts, and thought the worst case scenario always. "Woe is me" is the best way I know to describe this lifestyle. There are people in my family that struggle with anxiety and depression therefore the culture that I grew up in kind of made it to where negative thoughts were the norm. 

It wasn't until recently that I realized how I completely flipped this upside down without even realizing it. It all comes down to this: 

If you come to your life and see it as a place of lack, then you are always going to be lacking. If you come to your life from a place of gratitude and joy, then those things will be added to your life. 

So, yes, essentially, this is just positive thinking but it's deeper than that. It permeates into every single aspect of your life.

If you feel that you don't have enough money, then you will always not have enough money...even when you have money. It's not as if money is going to start flowing on trees if you start to think positively about it, but the stress of money never makes it grow either. If you come from a place of gratitude knowing that even if you are reading this, you have far more than most in the world then you become more thankful for the money that you do have. This might turn into you not coveting the newest trends that your friends have because you're content with what you have which could end up saving you money therefore you end up with more money. 

If you feel that you are not pretty or smart or some other word to put yourself down, then you are going to start speaking those truths into your life. My husband is very smart and my best friend was valedictorian. It was VERY hard in pharmacy school to not come from a place of lack with brain power. Sometimes they would even discuss things, and I would find myself just getting super insecure that they were able to understand things on such a deep level, and I wanted that SO desperately. The thing is though, God gave me the work ethic to make up for the time that it took for me to understand the same information, and THAT is a gift. After years of study and continuation of studying to remain ept on new guideline recommendations, I'm able to know just as much. Gratitude for work ethic NOT lack of brain power! 

I feel like with the advent of social media, it has it's good and bad, but we all know that one of the bad things is that we see others lives through their perfect angle. We believe the lies that our lives are lacking when in reality if we were to create a highlight reel of our life, someone else would think that their lives are lacking.  

Life is hard and I know that so I'm not trying to say that if something tough is going on that you can just magically make it disappear, but staying in the constant state of depression over it will never allow you to come out of the hole. If you are able to find the good, then it will  produce more good. 

So, how do you take proactive steps towards this? I think the biggest thing is recognizing that it takes effort. It's just like anything and it's a muscle that has to be exercised. You aren't going to wake up one day and think that your life is full of joy vs lack. You have to practice the thought process until this becomes habitual and normal. 

The first thing to do when these thoughts enter your mind is to recognize that they are in fact thoughts that you don't want to have, and that they are negative. This is going to sound like juju but once you recognize that it's a bad thought, acknowledge the bad thought. {{Then, sing kumbaya and all is right in the world! JK!}} No one wants to be told that the problems that they feel and the feelings that they feel are not real. Every single emotion that we feel is real to us even if it's silly to someone else, and that's the way I've tried to run my coaching business for 2 years now. I know that the way that women feel about their bodies and food and fitness is very REAL and even though I may not see what they see, I have to acknowledge the feeling and help them to reconstruct that into a positive. When you recognize it as a negative feeling, then it allows you to think of what the opposite would be. What is it that you would want instead of this lack? First, is this something that is reasonable? Can you work for whatever the lack is? If so, then be excited for the work ahead and the fruits that it will bring. If you feel this is something you will never obtain, then either write it down or start mentally allowing yourself the space to recognize the things that you DO have and you ARE thankful for.

As you begin to do this, you begin to change your thought processes slowly over time to where it's habit to immediately think of the positives. It's actually really annoying at first, and you're thinking "Why am I doing this?" but eventually the bad thoughts start to fade into the background and you only come from a place of gratitude. 

I've watched this permeate not only in my own life but the way that I view others and the relationships that I have. I have a friend in my life who does this with SUCH grace, and she breeds joy in Jesus and then she exudes that right onto me. Everytime that I'm with her, I feel that joy, and like attracts like. 

Last I wanted to share a recent example. I am an ever evolving person (as we all are), however I feel that I change a lot.  I'm interested in many things, even though the ground work may stay the same. I had been feeling some insecurities about this almost as if I was immature and "couldn't find myself". Why do I like home design, reading books, fashion, learning scripture and theology, learning medicine, learning the science of running and nutrition, cooking, lilly pulitzer but also REI, endurance sports, lifting, home town life and big city life? Like, JUST PICK KATIE!! I think it majorly shows through my social media outlets through the years as I change...then change again...then again and it's created insecurities because of feeling as if I need to stay this person that everyone knows because that's who I've been for so long.

This weekend I had a social media friend speak truth into me because she's the same way. She said that the ever evolving woman is the woman that I am, and that's okay. That's something to be happy about, and something to be excited about. I was coming from a place of lack, and I wasn't even recognizing it. She told me that I was a Renaissance woman, and the definition of this is: a woman who is well educated and sophisticated and who has talent and knowledge in many fields of study. WHAT.A.COMPLIMENT! 

I hope that you'll find this encouraging and be able to utilize it in your own life. We all have the capacity to decide for ourselves how we are going to control the day based on our thought processes, and when we put joy and happiness forward, those things will be returned to us! 



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