Four Revenue Streams for Blogging

It's been a while since I've done a blogger post, and I think that this can really give people a leverage point of where to start. I actually really love watching people become successful online, and hopefully helping them to do so.

The first thing that I always like to give the disclaimer is that blogging is a really hard career path. Youmight be super successful with something for awhile, and then you have a lull, and you have to kind of figure out your path from there. It takes lots of long nights and hard work that you CAN accomplish, but just know that typically the amount of work that you put in is going to be what you get out of it, so just be ready to work. If you are one of the lucky ones, then that's awesome, but if not, stay consistent and you'll get there. 

The avenue that is the hardest in my personal opinion is getting sponsorships from companies and advertisements on your blog. I think that's what is known for in the blogging industry on how to make money, but that's not so much the case. I'm not good at selling myself if I'm being honest. I have a large readership, but if a company is not invested in me enough that they want me to have to prove it to them for months just to consider me, then I'm going to move on. I want to be valued, and not beg to work with them. Know your worth! :) We ALL are worth it!!

SERVICES (Active income)

On the other hand, the most successful that I've been in blogger revenue is providing a service which is my nutrition and run coaching services. This has extended into speaking opportunities as well as in person consultations in my hometown. HERE is a good post about what all I offer, and now that I'm offering run coaching, you can see how I structure that as well. However, this is VERY active income. This is income that I have to work day in and day out to make sure that my clients are taken care of. Yes, the more work that you put in, the more money that you can make but there is a threshold. There are only so many clients that you can take on before it becomes unfair to them, and I've had my share of mishaps on that. I have put clients before literally everything in my life, and that's not the way that it should be either.

There are all sorts of coaching that you can do though. Some examples of that are: Life coaching, Career Coaching, Social Media Consulting, Home Decor Coaching (maybe wouldn't be called coaching), and photography, but this is going to be a category that you are providing a service to a client.


Another way that you can make money is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing simply means that you make a percentage of whatever someone buys from a certain website if they go through your link or use your code to buy something. The return is typically very low, but there are some that pay very well. The companies that I'm apart of are:

Now most good bloggers would think those things up in tons of blogs for you to click on and make them money. I'm the WORST and never think to do this. I just blog random blogs daily and forget about it. That's why I call it semi passive because most of the time no one is going to be re visiting an out post where I linked them up. Now-a-days, there is an affiliate marketing for absolutely any company. If they don't have one, just ask and I will bet that they will make you a code and offer it to you.


I really enjoy this one even if I don't pursue it enough (only so many hours in the day nom sayin). I feel it levels the playing field a little better for bloggers to be able to connect with companies rather than just like seeking them out via instagram or twitter. It's like a direct set up company to blogger and then you get paid. The higher the following, the more you'll get paid typically but this goes for anything (gotta love social media whomp). The one that I really like is called Collective Bias/Social Fabric and you get shoppertunities. I feel like the pricing is a lot better than most ($300-350 for most instagram posts and $400-600 for blog posts). You have to hook up your account for them to be able to see your views so if you are just starting out then this might not be something that you could do, but if you are someone who already has a following, then look into it for instagram posts. Here are some listed below:

  • Sweat Pink
  • BlogHer
  • Liquia
  • Ignite Social Media
  • Blog Meets Brand
  • Pollinate
  • Sverve
  • Mode Media (I actually think they might have closed down not long ago but not sure)
  • Tapinfluence

Sometimes these are only worth $40 each and when you are just starting out, that's something, but that can be a waste of time if you already have an established brand, so just be cautious that you are making the money worth your time.


This is different than services in that this is something that you have physically made. Some are active and some are passive.

Passive Products:

  • Ebooks
  • Previous webinars
  • Ecourses

Active Products:

  • Selling tshirts
  • Selling books
  • Selling anything that you make (Devotions, Calligraphy, Artwork, etc)
    • Try to think outside of the box of what you could sell and do a great job upfront and you'll keep business flowing especially if you are doing my other tips for blogging to grow your pages!


Last, but not least, is the one that I said was my least favorite, but is VERY profitable if you can hit it right. I know many of my blogger friends that do this SOLELY. They feel that they don't have time for all of the other options, so this is the one that they have chosen, and it's a great one. There are many different things that you can advertise on. You can advertise on podcasts, blogs, videos (youtube), and then sponsored posts would fall within this category.

Youtube is becoming a big way to make money, so all of the people that you follow on youtube, they are making money through that! :) I have wanted to get a youtube channel going for about a year now, but editing and making sure that they are well done is really important to me and it's just not something that I've found myself capable of doing with my tech abilities right now.

There could be an entire blog posts on how to get sponsored posts, but there is a definite art to it. It's not just going to be that companies will reach out to you and offer you money. Many times they won't reach out at all. You might have to form a relationship with them, and then they start looking around your site and your instagram (if you have a following and they notice that). After that, they will probably email you and say they would like to collaborate, but most of the time they aren't going to offer you money. You have to decide if that's something that you are okay with, or you counter them and say that you want compensation for your work. I know many that will do absolutely no unpaid posts because they wouldn't have the capacity and would just be spamming people all the time. You have to have tact about it. No one wants to be spammed every day. Again, I'm gonna stop there because it could be a post in and of itself.

There is a lot of work that goes into blogging. I think that people think that once you start writing on a blog that people just pay you tons of money. LOLOLOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Good joke! ;) It takes hustle, but it's rewarding. You are making your products and putting your best foot forward and then when you are able to make it work, you become so proud of yourself.

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Do you have a blog? What do you do on yours?




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