Runner's Holiday Gift Guide

I know that I'm always looking for good gifts for people. Sometimes when you come online though and search these types of things, you find CRAZY expensive items. I searched "gifts for travelers" the other day and it had me with gifts at around $100+. I was like...woah. So, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to provide you with some solid gifts for runners today.


Any runner loves to read about other people as crazy as them so a great gift would be a set of endurance books!! REFERENCE MY POST HERE for 26 titles of books!

Inclusive in books would be COOKBOOKS! Here is one super popular one right now with runners that was written by an Olympic pro runner!


Any water bottle will do but here are some trendy ones that will let them know you got them something nice!

One cool thing you could do with a nalgene is attach a sticker of whatever their favorite distance is! 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, half ironman or full ironman!



I am running a campaign currently with Hylete, and yall, I promise you won't regret these running pants. They have the perfect amount of give and are super comfy! Use my code KATIESFITSCRIPT for 40% which is a pretty hefty discount in my opinion! Haha!

If you like funky pants, try out DonaJo Leggings! If you enter KATIESFITSCRIPT at check out, you should get 20% off as well!

There are TONS of other running pants of course. Target and Walmart have great options and I have pairs at all of them and love them all! Obviously those don't last as long as the Lulu ones, but if you are looking for a gift, then I'm sure your runner friend would be happy with fun Target running pants!


If anyone would like to get me this, I wouldn't complain! ;) hehe! It is a foot pod that can attach when you are running on the treadmill to get correct data. Otherwise, your data is really off on your Garmin and can't record your workouts as well. Yes, you can use the treadmill data but if you like to have it all on your watch, this is a highly useful tool! I love that the link below says "food" but that's just how it linked up! HA!



Yea, you could get snazzy with it but this is $14 and an amazing foam roller that we use daily so I say go with the cheaper! :)


Umm if you are looking for a gift for a runner, then LOOK NO FURTHER! Yall, I'm so serious. If you are a runner and don't know about her, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! Jk, but really her stuff is so cute and amazing!


This jewelry is really neat for runners because it doesn't get gross when you sweat in it or swim in it! I love wearing it and they all have encouraging messages so you could get something for your runner friend that encourages them. Here's that link!

8. "Sole" sister keychain

I got this for Bethany for her birthday and it was cheesy but so exciting so if you have a runner bestie, then you should totally make her day with this.

Hope this has made your holiday shopping a little bit easier! Let me know if you have any fun ideas! :)



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