Why I'm Beyond Thankful for Friendship

I go through a lot of phases, and one of those phases that I'm going through right now is this phase of immense thankfulness for all of the people in my life who have helped me grow to who I am now. Lord knows I wouldn't be where I am without them and I don't talk about them enough. 

I feel like fitness becomes a one man show sometimes. You are working towards your goals and dreams and when we are online, we post about ourselves. It's just human nature, but sometimes I see pages and think "I wonder who their friends are. I wonder what their friends think of them. I wonder what my friends think of my social media postings." haha!

I have so many wonderful friends. I have friends that have encouraged me in this journey and I have friends who have belittled me in this journey (it happens lol) and friends who will never understand this journey but also don't say a word! I'm thankful for all of them. EVERY LAST ONE!


I see a lot of things online about being confident in who you are and if friends don't support you in that then SEE YA LATER BUH BYE. While I do agree to a certain extent that we must find a tribe that supports us and loves us, I think it's also important to have people in your life that can look at your dirty laundry and say "girlfriend, you need to clean this up!"

Now don't get me wrong. I don't want mean friendships. I've had my share and it's really exhausting, but if we are not friends with people that are different than us then how will we grow?!! If our friends agree with everything we ever say, how will we able be able to use self reflection and improve!? The BEST kind are the ones that can inspire you with how they live their life without having to say a word to you about how you are living yours! Oh man, I have so many girls like that in my life. I feel so blessed sometimes that the girls that I'm friends with even want to be friends with me. HAHA!!!

You have to allow yourself to let them in, let your guard down, but also wait for a space of vulnerability. Not every one of your friends deserve your entire soul. They don't love you enough for that. You save your soul for the good ones!

To answer the question of my title: Why am I thankful for friendship?

I love friendship because it allows me to look at these girls who I love so dearly and become a better person because of them and in spite of me. I have a safe space outside of my marriage to be vulnerable and open. I love friendship because it opens my heart to a different kind of love for people. Sometimes I wish that my girlfriends could see themselves the way that I see them and know what beautiful souls they are.

It makes me miss the nights of watching One Tree Hill on a couch in college and talking girl talk until 2am on my best friends bed in grad school when I first met Tanner. Friendship changes as you get older and get married and start having babies, but it's beautiful in it's own way.

So, I want to celebrate my friendships now and I hope you will take a second today to do the same! There is NEVER a time that you shouldn't text your best friends and say "You know what? I love you and think you're awesome because of XYZ quality." So, I'm thankful I have a blog to be able to do just that! Family doesn't count today because if I did all of the amazing qualities of those women too, we would be here for a while! ;) If you don't care to read below, then I hope you have a great Tuesday but you should read how amazing my friends are! :) 

Brandy-You saved me. You were and will always be the friendship I never knew I would have. You are my sister. You are so much more beautiful than you will ever know. You light up a room with your energy and grace. You taught me to be adventurous. You taught me to not be so dang cheap. You taught me that life is more about fun than responsibility and that everything works out anyway. The lessons I learned from you, I think about almost daily.

Rachel-The way that you listen and encourage is something that is something that I cherish and look up to. You lead girls in Young Life in their faith in such a way that it is SO clear that the Lord pours out of you daily. You have such a constant grace about you. You radiate a calm nature and every thing that you say seems super profound to me. I'm just like "Yep. That's so dang true." LOL!

Erica-Your spiritual gift is giving. You give of your time. You give of your money. You constantly give and rarely take. You are my CONSTANT for life. You have become like family. It wouldn't matter if I fell off the face of the planet for 10 years, you would be waiting with open arms when I returned.

Bethany-Your genuine kindness inspires me. You are more loyal than any friend I've ever known. You call me on my BS, and somehow someway we make best friendship across the nation work so seamlessly.

Becca-You have such a quiet grace. People that don't know you well like me might say that you're quiet, but they don't know the becca that I laugh constantly with and tell everything to. You are SUCH a good friend and wife. If someone is in your life, it's for a reason. You will genuinely pray for them. You will genuinely be there for them.

Valerie-Every single time I leave your presence, I'm inspired. I'm inspired to be a better mom (one day hehe), a more balanced person, and a better wife. I'm inspired to be more joyful, and more grateful. You don't even mean to but you radiate all of these things so much that it makes me think. I literally leave conversations with you thinking how thankful I am to have you in my life.

Molly-Your laughter and your jokes literally light up my life. I know that if we text, I'm going to be actually LOLing by the end of it. You are so loyal through all of the years, and it's just one of those friendships that I know that even though we live in the same town and don't see each other that often because we are both like the busiest humans on the planet that me, you, nick and tanner are going to be having dinner in like 50 years together!

I feel I could be here all day if I kept going so I'll leave you guys with that! <3 I hope you celebrate your friends today as thanksgiving is right around the corner!





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