Energy is a Decision

I feel that this can be equated to "love is a decision". 

I think that when someone describe me, they would say that I have an overabundance of energy. Most everyone that talks about me training for my events says "I just wish I had your energy." My husband has even said, "I think I just really struggle with energy."

I've said the word energy so many times in the same paragraph that the word is already beginning to seem a little weird to me. HAHA!

I think that having energy is something that you can genuinely be more accustomed to just based on genetics and what not. I think that we genuinely experience fatigue due to overload of stress at work, children, school, life, disease states, and workouts. But, I think we have more control over that then we think.

When you are completing a race, you do not have energy (especially during an ironman) but you have to pull from something deep within you to be able to finish. That's when you are making energy a decision, and you can do that. You would never stop on the side of the road and say "You know what? I'm not feeling energized now" and stop. Ha.

For the past 6 months probably, I have been trying to make working out in the morning (like before the sun comes up) something that I do. It NEVERs stuck. It was super frustrating because then I would always end up doing things in the evening and then I was having to tell people no to things due to training. I knew that if I could just switch it then I could do more fun things later in my day. But every single morning, I made the decision to lay in bed and do my workout after work. My husband started talking to me one day about how he feels that he is not energized much and I told him that I think he just thinks that in his head and if he could just get himself moving then he would be fine. However, then I was like "Wait, that is exactly the same truth that holds for me in the mornings." So, I started actually committing to it.

It has changed the structure and emotion of my day. I used to wake up and want to have gone and all day I kinda had that feeling like I had skipped my workout and would have it in the back of my mind all day. Now, I'm able to get it done, take a shower, and actually look presentable for the day and then get on with my day. It's.seriously.amazing! I can't believe I've waited so long to make energy a decision.

If you think about when you are having a lazy day at home. You are wearing sweat pants and you feel as if you could just melt into your couch and eat cheetos all day. Let's just say that you do this until 6pm. When you finally get up, you have no desire to move. It's like because you've been lazy all day, the thought of even going to the drive through exhausts you. That's the exact same thing that happens with pretty much everything in life. If you are sitting down and think "Uh I don't have energy for this workout" or whatever it may be, then you just need to get up, get your blood flowing, do some jumping jacks in place, and you'll start to feel better.

Monday mornings, I literally wake up like a gun has gone off. I don't know why but I just get so excited for another week, and especially now that thanksgiving is over and we are moving into Christmas, I feel there is a lot to do and a lot of goodness to be had every day. I want to soak it all up which means that I need to be organized and have my ducks in a row. However, I make that conscious decision that when the alarm goes off at 5am, I am up, and out of bed before I can even think about hitting the snooze button.

When people think of lack of energy for workouts or in life, they immediately think of stimulants. They think pre workouts or caffeine, and supplement companies have made millions of dollars off of this. There is absolutely research to support a boost of energy from these things, but a long time ago I decided that pre workout wasn't my thing and I was just going to go off of my own energy. My husband uses one so I'm not dogging them at all. I know that many use them, but I personally have found that I can find the energy within myself when I make the decision that XYZ is the time that I'm going to workout.

I have mentioned this before, but there is research to show that if you are in a marathon and you are feeling like you have hit a wall, force yourself to sprint for 10 seconds. That seems ludicrous in a marathon, but this jolt of energy causes oxygen to be delivered to your muscle cells in a quick punch and you are able to get some energy back. That EXACT same principle applies in life that I've experienced and it's been a beautiful thing recognizes it and being able to harness it for my use! I have had clients actually use this method in a marathon and say that it does help and work. I hope energy being a decision helps you too.



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