North Face Endurance 50K this weekend!

Okay first things first, let's talk about this cute little 50K I'm supposed to be doing this weekend. HAAA! It's the North Face Endurance Series one. It's that one that has 6,000ft of elevation gain that katiesfitscript has not trained for. Yep....

Well, we are going to San Fransisco and my #1 priority is that I get to see my girl Meredith, who is also running the race, who I met at mile 24 of the Boston Marathon and also to see my best friend who is flying in so we can spend the weekend together. Meredith also has not trained for this race so we just kind of said that we are going to go run it and just see what happens. To be honest, I don't see us making it to the end but if it turns out to be a beautiful day and we are having a good time, then maybe we will.

Here's that elevation map:


So, here's the thing. Life is an adventure and you never know where you'll end up! ;) I figure what is the harm in going out and getting a little dirt on our hands and having a good time. On a 5 star difficulty scale, it is said to be 5 stars. There is single track trails overlooking the Pacific Ocean with occasional glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the personal opinion, this sounds epic and like a day of adventure. Let's throw down predictions. Will Katie and Meredith make it to the end? LOL. I'm going to go with YES but very very slowly aka lots of walking if needed.

We are flying out on Thursday night so we won't get there until about midnight. My best friend Brandy is getting there that day as well. I'm going with Meredith at 5am on Friday morning to a run group called "Back on my feet" and I'm SO excited. If you haven't heard of this program, it approaches homelessness in a completely new way using running to motivate and support people on their journey from being homeless to gaining full independence. Wow. I just love people sometimes and how they come together to create programs such as this. It's just amazing.

We are staying until Tuesday and so we plan on doing lots of touristy things as well as going out to wine country one day! I wanted to share however what I have been doing for my training.

It has been completely unstructured. Once we get back from San Fran, I'm going all in, and I will be training with 100% intention for the March marathon that I'm doing (Myrtle Beach Marathon). I have already planned out the weeks with progressional mileage leading up to it, so I'm excited for that. As of right now, I genuinely have been running what I feel like most days. I like to do 8 miles. I don't know why but it's just this sweet spot of mileage that makes me feel good so the days that I wasn't busy, I would run 8 miles. However, with thanksgiving and all of the other things going on, I haven't really had that much spare time. Of course, with training, you make the time that you want for it, but I thought this was the best time to just go with the flow.

However, I'm itching for a routine. I'm itching for paces to hit and speed workouts (which I did do one yesterday) and I'm itching for a program to help me stay focused. This down time has been fun and I'll do this 50K this weekend, but then after that, it's focus time again. I promised myself one month of just relaxing which I have done and it's been amazing, but now I'm excited to get back.

I'm also excited about all of the new run coaching clients that signed up for Cyber Monday. I love getting new clients because I know that we get time together to foster a relationship and that's why I truly love what I get to do. I have plans in the coming month for a big project that I've been working on for a long time, and I also plan on starting up social media consulting. There's always something exciting happening over here at Katiesfitscript! haha! I wanted to announce my big project last week, but it just didn't feel right so I will when I return from San Fran!

I do want to mention the fires that are in my side of the country. They are bad, and as of last night, they finally reached the town of gatlinburg (they've mostly been just in the mountains) and have ruined businesses and hotels. People were trapped but I think they were able to get out (only four injuries and no deaths). The firefighters have been working around the clock, so we are SO thankful for them and we are SO thankful for rain that came today. I just wanted to give a prayer of praise for that.

Happy Tuesday yall!





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