13.1 Documentaries (Nutrition & Fitness)

So I know what you're thinking...

I'm going to tell you to watch all of the "Go vegan" documentaries, and while those are definitely going to be on here (ha), I want to share some endurance films that are seriously A-MAZING and so inspiring. Here's my note on the vegan films. It's the reason that I made the change that I did a year ago. It was a HUGE shift because I honestly was NEVER planning on doing that. Someone asked me, "Could you just watch them and then just see what you thought? If you decide otherwise, no biggie, but education is never bad right?"

I was like "Well alright then...I can do that." So, I started watching them. Once I started, I couldn't stop, but I'm pretty extreme on most things so there's that. LOL! It's not just about animals for me, but many other reasons and these documentaries explain a lot. Some of these are also not on Netflix.

1. Cowspiracy

2. Food, Inc

3. Forks over Knives

4. Earthlings (kinda graphic)

5. Vegucated

There are actually TONS more, but I don't want you to think that I'm bombarding you with Vegan films, so I'm going to move into other ones. Here is a website that I reference a lot that has a list of all of them, and I haven't made it through them all but I do plan on watching them. It gives reviews on each one of them, so you can know what you're going to watch before hand. I'm also a documentary fanatic. I love them on any topic. Let's move on to the inspiring ones!!!

6. Four Minute Mile

This is about a guy who grew up in a rough home but found out that he was fast and decided to use running to work through his issues with poverty and inner city life through running.

7. It's Raining, So what?

This is about a guy who was super adventerous, had a crash, and became an incomplete quadriplegic who went on to be the first person to even do an ironman race. It's amazing and the human spirit is incredible.

8. The Barkley Marathons

This is about the hardest run that is out there. You have to be accepted into it, and then there are still very few that finish.

9. Running on the Sun

This is about Badwater Ultramarathon which is a race of 135 miles that goes through death valley which is at 282ft below sea level all the way to Whitney Port at 8360ft above sea level! It looks like one of the hardest things someone could ever do.

10. Running America

11. Transcend(click to watch the trailor)

This is about a Kenyan man who faces the challenges of where he comes from, and his story to where he is now which is a pro runner. YALL. SO. GOOD.

12. Run for your Life

This is about Fred Lebrow who was the president of New York Road Runners who grew the New York City Marathon into what it is today until 1994 when he died from brain cancer. Can you believe that the marathon started with only 55 people?

13. Unbreakable

This is about Western States and I think that if you do that race, you have to be pretty unbreakable! ;) Crazy to think that I have friends who did this race last year! I always think of people like that when I'm wondering if I can complete this 50K. haha!

If you saw my post about 26.2 books to read, the final 0.2 was that I wanted to encourage you to get a library card. I have LOVED having one and Tanner commented last night how I was churning through books. I don't read that much but just like 15-20 minutes at night before bed and it's so nice. So, for the 0.1 on this documentary blog, I want to encourage you to actually watch them. Take some time out for yourself to be inspired. I NEVER just sit and watch a documentary. I play it while I'm doing my hair in the morning. I play it in the background while I work (and yes I have a work from home job so I know that makes it more possible), but just making time to be able to see these inspiring films as it's totally worth it! :)

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