Life Organization Update + Tips to Improve Yours

So a while back in August, I made a post about "How I organized my life" and it was actually extremely successful and continues to be one of my most popular posts to this day. Sometimes it's funny how a topic hits and you have no clue that people are going to be interested but then they are. I think that organization is one of those things that everyone finds difficult so when we are able to make it "click", it really makes a difference in our every day lives so we all try to harness that energy.

Since August, I really did make this habit stick. There are some habits that I work towards that are complete failures (like not constantly eating out of the peanut butter jar with a fork-HA-I'm not kidding it's ridiculous lol). There are some habits that stick (reading the Bible in one year) and this was one of those. The one tip that I heard from someone that said that there are no excuses in each moment and that you genuinely just have to do it THAT second. You can't let things back up. It has changed my life, honestly.

The house stays clean. The dishes stay done. The laundry is always done. I know that I sound like this perfect house wife, and that is so far from the truth. I SUCK at making dinner. Like, I really worry about that and having children. I'm always like "Ah Tanner just make a sandwich or something" BUT BOY THAT LAUNDRY IS DONE. lol! Point is: I'm not trying to make this about being perfect. It's about the stress eliminated through organization.

When I walk into my house, I want to BREATHE EASY. When I was coming into my house, I was feeling anxiety which is why I had that moment in August where I asked my team, "WHAT IN THE WORLD CAN I DO?!" They gave me so many helpful tips and I have put so many into action. But, just like getting a workout routine started, or healthy eating, or reading your Bible, you just simply have to do it.

I make to do lists every day and I stick to them. The dishes go DIRECTLY into the dishwasher. If the washer is empty, the clothes go directly in. The second the buzzer goes off, they go in the dryer. (It is also of note that I don't have kids so I'm not trying to play like I understand that life-I really think with the way kids are it's kind of impossible so I get that).

When you decide you are going to have a chill day, how do you feel at the end of the day? For me, I feel lethargic and I don't want to do anything. When I wake up with my game face on, then I take on the day with my game face. I've realized recently that one of the things that has made me feel the most organized and productive is a morning workout. It sets the tone for the entire day. Tanner has started the same. Out of bed at 445am, bed immediately made, coffee chugging, cars cranked to warm up, and sip coffee and chat like zombies until we leave to go do our individual workouts (we go to different gyms-different goals). I come home and I'm like a machine before I start work. I get ready, do laundry and dishes and write lists and plan phone calls. I feel like a freakin BOSS, and it's such a lovely way to start the day!

This is not a call to perfection. PLEASE don't mistake that for this blog, but it is a call to make simple changes that can change your stress levels! I think one of the biggest things that doesn't allow for us to be organized is because we aren't present!!! We simply aren't paying attention. We are scrolling through instagram, facebook, etc and not truly just getting junk done. My instagram never grows anymore really so I guess it's a trade off. I used to be on my phone all the time helping with that, but I just stopped. It's been bad for business, for sure, so I can't say i feel rosy inside about that, but I also know that I have huge projects in the works, and that's what this thing is all about! :)

When you start your NIGHTS organized, your mornings become organized. For example, I have started blogging the night before (I'm writing this at 9:30pm) and after this, I'm going to pack my lunch for work at the pharmacy tomorrow. I'm going to go to bed after that, wake up at 445am and do the whole deal again. I have a coffee date at 8am for discussing a proposal plan with the city for starting a marathon in Shelby (WHAT WHAT SO PUMPED), then I have to be at work by 9. I'll post my blog post at 745 before I leave my house. POINT: I have all of this PLANNED. I used to just go with the flow and I was just always a hot mess express forgetting everything. I think just about everyone could vouch for that as I was constantly disorganized, double booking, etc etc. I still am classic double booker because I tell everyone SUREEEE in the moment then go home to then see I have other plans (eek- I hate when I do that).

I will be at work by 9 and be feeling like "wow-I just did all that and I can just rest into the day" and that's what I'll do. I try to work an 11 hour shift one day per week because I want to do a really good job at my job there, but I also have LOTSS going on with katiesfitscript that I'm constantly doing (most of which goes unseen I know and people must wonder what I do all day-I promise I'm not over reading books all the time-I WISH. lol)

{{Side Note-speaking of books-I've been reading Bridge to Haven by Francene Rivers on the treadmill in the mornings and I'm truly enjoying it! I had agreed with myself that if I was going to do workouts in the morning then I was to read my devotion or a Christian novel-this is just Christian fiction so it doesn't really count but I'm going to count it this time hehe}}

So here are my tips:




Pick up the sock, don't EVER leave trash in your car (that's a hard rule for me-Am I crazy? Maybe a little), have the handheld vacuum in easily accessible location, have a routine, get up early and do something that breathes life into you first thing that gets you moving, and you're going to feel brand new? Had anyone started this last time I posted about it? How's it going for you?

If you do these three things, you'll walk into clean spaces, clean clothes folded in drawers and you'll fully be able to sit down with your husband on a Friday night and be able to say "No really, everything is done!!!" (because you're a boss and did it in the moment)


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