Visualizing Joy in Imperfect Circumstance

Okay, so this is something that my husband and I talk about frequently because honestly, sometimes we feel like the weakest link. I get asked all the time how I stay injury free, and I've had a good ride, but I just KNEW that as soon as I started doing speed, I'd get something. I took every precaution possible. Here are the things that I did differently starting out this training cycle: sleep more, eat better (more plant based foods), I actually weigh more so I feel I'm more sturdy and durable, dynamic stretching before, static stretching after, and making it a primary importance in my life therefore there is no stress around the workouts. I felt that stress and sleep have made a huge difference in my past. But lo and behold, a hamstring pain after my long run. My long run was FAST this week (16 miles @ 7:22) so I'm sure that's what made it painful.

I know it's not serious (neither the small niggle or situation). I know that if I stay off of it that it will heal (as I have done since the long run so 4th day not running or biking or swimming-only lifting). I reasonably know how this works, and that if I just back off then those things that aren't things won't turn into things. haha! As I have talked about before, I don't really get upset about missed workouts because inevitably something always happens. I will say I get SO frustrated at the fact that I feel my body doesn't withstand well with the level at which I like to do things. Tanner feels the EXACT same way about his.

Tanner has been dealing with some form of injury off and on since literally 3 years ago. It's always something, and when I say always, I mean always, to the point that I feel really bad for him. And as I've mentioned before, he does EVERYTHING the way that he should in terms of injury prevention. Currently, he has a torn hamstring. This came from just one young life night where he was chasing a kid and who even knows what happened...but that was 6 months ago and he's still dealing with the pain even though he's rested it many many times. He finally got an MRI and saw the tear and is on rest from anything leg related for 6-8 weeks. Yesterday, he literally wanted to toss his hands in the air and just say WHAT GIVES!? Poor guy. I just wanted to give him a hug. I know the feeling all too well.

So, we discussed the things that we WISH we could do even if we couldn't do them in that moment and visualize what we love and weirdly enough it helps to soothe the pain of what your body sometimes won't allow. We watched youtube videos on the Salomon channel which I'll link up because it's a super cool channel. We talked about how we wish that we lived at the base of a mountain in the snowyest (is that a word?) parts of the US (we literally get zero snow where we are lol), and how we wish we could be in nature and the mountains all the time doing extreme events.

We wish that we could be training at high levels all the time while also spending the weekends back country skiing and spending vacation in the Alps or the mountains of Norway. Seriously, this is our DREAM. We talk about it all the time, but time and again, our body's seem to say NOPE...THINK AGAIN KIDDOS. I know that all the people who haven't experienced this will think "Oh well just try XYZ". I'm gonna bet we have. We KNOW that when you are doing extreme stuff, you might end up hurt, and that's okay with us. I know that sounds weird, but I think every athlete knows that there are going to be times where something is off, and that is something that you just learn to deal with. What is not fun is when it keeps you from what you love, and in Tanner's case feeling like it will really always be something.

So, we dream. We plan what we can. We do what we can. We give our body's the rest that they are asking for with two injury prone capacities and we work around it. It would be SO easy for Tanner and I to sit back and just say "Forget it", and I even think that people wouldn't blame us. Well, naturally, you know how most people are in most communities. Even those reading this will probably say, "That Katie and Tanner-they just don't listen to their body's and are just TOO extreme." HA! I wish you knew how NOT extreme we are on a day to day basis. We see others and we CRAVE to be able to do what they do without something happening. We feel it's very odd that at our age, we both are so injury prone.

{{I keep saying injury, but I can't say that mine is ever really "injury". It's never anything serious, but enough that every few weeks, I'll have something keep me out for a week and then every half year, I'll have something put me out for like 6 weeks. You can't consistently make progress when that happens. It's literally maddening.}}

But we visualize, and we won't give up. We will treat our body's with respect while also knowing that the pain we feel is worth it for those moments that we get to experience. We know that even if the things that we want to do can only be done in our minds and our dreams because our location, job situations, and our body's aren't ideal, then that's okay. We know that the joy from visualization will manifest in seeing others do these things as well as leading us to keep on the path of pursuit never giving up and know that there will be those windows where we get lucky and the stars align.

I was half injured all the way to Boston last year, but I made it to the finish and that counts for something! ;)

I was half injured all the way to Boston last year, but I made it to the finish and that counts for something! ;)

I feel it's similar to watching the pros in whatever sport that you love. It's so inspiring to see youtube videos of those athletes and maybe it's just me but I think it's because this video gives this small window into the life of what it would be like. In those moments, you are allowed to visualize what gives you so much joy and passion and be able to make it your own by living it through someone else. I know you guys see the training plans and the finish lines. I don't share the aches and pains a lot because who really wants to see that. I also don't share them because inevitably the comments pop up:

"It's because she doesn't eat." (which is hilarious because I eat SO much) 

"It's because she overtrains." (I legit have done a 50 mile week maybe 3 times in my life and otherwise, it's much lower. I WISH I could do 100 mile weeks and I would if my body allowed.)

"It's because she won't rest." (I take one full sit on my butt day every single week and this week I actually have done one lifting day and it's thursday soooooo LOL)

I know you're thinking this isn't normal and that it HAS to be something that Tanner and I are doing. Believe me, I know, and I've been through all the things, talked with the doctors, etc etc. I just think at the end of the day sometimes people are more injury prone than others. And also just simply chance. I think that by chance Tanner got a hamstring tear directly after he had a long road dealing with a shoulder issue which was directly after a hernia surgery which was directly after the time he got a herniated disc while we were moving (crazy right?). You take the good with the bad and enjoy every moment that this beautiful life gives you!

But the thing is, we wake up EVERY single morning with choices to make. We decide how we are going to run the day and not how the day runs us. That is OUR choice, and no one can take that away from us. We can decide that we will put a positive spin on our situations, and we will do all the rehab and prehab for those small glimpses of bliss that we get when we are at the top of the ski slopes. I will live for the moments like when I was in Utah and we reached the summit and I just screamed out because of the pure joy that I felt that I couldn't keep inside.

I will live for the moments when we were traveling to Norway and we got caught in a blizzard and we made our way to the top of that mountain in the snow to a little cafe. It was a coffee and dessert in a cafe and I literally think that we will remember it for the rest of our lives because with the blizzard and being in Norway, it's just things you don't forget.

In the mundane day to day life, you have to CHOOSE joy and visualization of your dreams or you'll never get there. In the bad and the good, choose to recognize that you'll make it through to the other side. Know that if you are smart then you will turn the corner of whatever it is that you're dealing with and get to manifest all those things that you've been visualizing.

So if you've wondered why I haven't posted on insta this week (I know you probably haven't HA), I've been sitting on my butt and just working! ;) lol!

I ALSO KNOW THAT I KEEP TALKING ABOUT AN ANNOUNCEMENT ... that I keep not making... and I will I promise. We are working A LOT behind the scenes and just really want things to be right so it might be a while, but just hang around or keep your eyes peeled in February or March and I think you'll really love what it's all about. I promise I'm not just hyping up something that isn't super meaningful to me/us/gonna be my full time gig/pouring my life into it so much/gonna keep blogging and running so no worries! haha! :)





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