Goals for 2017

It is so unbelievable to me that we are going into 2017! Time is such a crazy thing. I remember thinking that this year was so far off, it was unthinkable. Can you imagine when it's 2030?! That's really only 13 years away which is a long time but not really THAT long. I tell Tanner all the time that life is so interesting in how it's really long but also really short, and goals and dreams are always what keep me on my toes, wanting and hoping to do more. I'm SO thrilled for 2017.

2016 was such an amazing year while also being an interesting year (I'm going to do a 2016 in review tomorrow). My goals were so large that I feel like I just put my head down and did them and when I looked up, it was Christmas and then now here we are! haha! One of my friends at church was like "You didn't throw any parties this year? Why not?!" I genuinely think it's because I just had so much else going on that I didn't even think about doing it, but I love parties, so we just decided that moment that I was going to do a Galentines at my house! haha! :) Let's get to the goals for this coming year! I can't wait!


My goal is 5 marathons/ultras, but I'm honestly not sure that is going to happen and going to be dependent on how my body holds up. That is a large goal, and I'm okay with that as I'll do less if needed. I also don't plan to PR at those races because that would just be impossible. I only had plans to PR at one of them which I was shooting for Myrtle Beach but upon the hamstring issue and being out for this entire last week, who knows what will happen? I still have plenty of time and my body might surprise me! ;)

The other marathons are:

April - Boston Marathon (I don't plan on being able to run with friends for too long because I know that some of them are going to be going for PR's and like I said, I just want to take Boston nice and easy and enjoy it this time) 

June-Hatfield McCoy Marathon (This is a small race that TONS of people in my community are doing so I couldn't miss out and I love the idea of a summer marathon as those are hard to find. I did Grandfather Mountain Marathon in July of 2015, and that was an amazing race for the summer too!)

Nov-Savannah Marathon (this will be a fast one as well)

Savannah is a funny story because Savannah is the first marathon that I ever signed up for in 2013, and when it came time to train I got so scared that I backed out. I could NOT stop thinking about doing a marathon though for the next year. I worked on my metabolism because I wasn't eating much at the time, gained a lot of muscle, and then I started really running in August of 2014 doing my first marathon in Nov 2014 which was Philly.

North Face Endurance Series San Fran 50K is on my radar for 2017 to go back and get redemption but at the same time I always struggle going back to the same location to do the same type race. It's not because I didn't think that it was wonderful because it really was but just because there are SO many cool races that I sometimes get afraid to box myself in.

I do want to continue doing trail ultras in the future. This is like the year of the marathon even though I thought it was going to be the year of theultra. I just felt that I hadn't given myself a fair shot at being ONLY a marathon runner and I wanted to do that this year and see how I liked it. Next year, I do plan on doing another ironman (seriously-I know I'm crazy lol) but I didn't ACTUALLY get my 140.6 in and now that I've had over two full months to process things, I know that it's something that I have to do. I just hate there isn't more time in the day as I also want to have a year that I focus on trail ultras. 

The 5th addition is up in the air as to what races. I honestly want to do Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in May, but I was thinking and holding out that maybe one day my husband would become an ultra runner and we could do that together. I also would most definitely want to do that with a group and I don't know of anyone doing it. I would LOVE to do the Wasatch 100 but I know that's also something that I've never ventured into before, and I don't think my mind is there just yet. That's just a bucket list thing because Wasatch is where I was running when I went to Utah and fell absolutely 100000% in love.
Regardless, like I said the 5th is up in the air but that's my goal.

It's POSSIBLE that I could get into Chicago (long story haha) but either way, I'll be traveling to be in Chicago on that weekend. I'm hoping to travel to New York for NYC again, and then hopefully running it in 2018!!! That's my big dream!!!

My lifting goals are that I regain the strength that I lost during ironman and get back up to where I can deadlift 200+ while also running high mileage. This was the case right before ironman, and it kinda sucks to have lost that, but at the same time that's the beauty in fitness is that you can ALWAYS gain it back! My body doesn't look the same which I'm genuinely not THAT concerned about (or I probably would have done something #yolo #holidayfood) but at the same time, I know what it's capable of and it just takes a little work to feel like myself again in that area. Like I joke with Tanner about, I stopped lifting, went vegan, and did an ironman and I'm like "WHERE DID ALL MY MUSCLE GO?!" LOLOL! I always tell clients to BE realistic and you can't do all that and expect to look the same. Ha!


At this point, I'm pretty much cruising with what works for me, but I would like to continue to experiment more in the plant based world. There are so many fun meals to make, and I am the worst about experimenting, but I want to get better at that as it can really make things yummy and interesting!


I am beginning Utmost for His Highest that is a devotion that you read every day. It's not a lot at all, and for some reason I've been in this season of seeking truth on a lot of things. That sounds so "Christianese" but genuinely 2016 provided the US with a lot of topics that were really TOUGH and I feel that Christians were made to look really bad in many circumstances. I, myself struggled with how many things were handled and people I looked up to doing things I didn't agree with and so I want to know how I feel. This coincides with the reading goals that I have because I do want some of those books to be ones that I'm seeking knowledge of His word, and sink into his grace in my imperfections with all of this. I want to have a deeper connection and relationship with the Lord and that's something that year after year I strive towards, but it's something that you can never be close enough! :)


My goal is to read at least one book per month which is really slow reading but we all know how life happens and then reading gets pushed to the side. I genuinely love to read so I like to take 10-15 minutes in the evening and sink into a book. I got a library card, and it's been so fun to just go some evenings and go through the shelves. It just is this calming atmosphere, and reminds me so much of my childhood.


This is a HUGE one, and another reason that I most likely will stick with marathons instead of ultras or tri this year! My husband and I are launching a new company, and it's something that we are super passionate about, and I'll keep dropping hints until the launch because I'm so excited to share, but also feel I can't yet. It does however have to do with international and local missions and will be heavily focused on charity. While fitness is always going to be HUGE in my life, I just genuinely kept feeling this pull over and over again. It was something that was super hard for me to listen to because to be honest, when you are doing well in one thing, why would you think about doing something else? That's how this is. I bought the domain and got the instagram handle for the name of this company at the end of 2015, and I've been sitting on it for a YEAR without moving forward because I was so busy with my current business and it just didn't make sense to not be able to pour my heart and soul into it.

I decided a few months ago that I was not going to be doing nutrition coaching anymore, and solely focus on run coaching as well as this new venture. Tanner started to see my passion every day for this, and he said that there is just no way that he couldn't be an integral part of it as I am so it will be something that we do TOGETHER. Run coaching is also something that I'm obviously SUPER passionate about and one of my favorite things to do so I knew that was not going ANYWHERE and it had to be something that I could balance (while also working one day per week at the pharmacy-lol at my life). I promise I'm not hyping it up (or I hope not) and our goal is to be able to launch at the beginning of March AT THE LATEST! But the MOST important thing to us is that it's ready. We want to do NOTHING that is halfway and we want people to know that we are serious from the get go. We have a really huge vision for this, and like I said, it's something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life and that I feel like God has called me to do if I'm being 100% transparent.

I know I've been more absent on social media, but I also have been working a lot behind the scenes so nothing at all is wrong I promise, but just how life has kind of happened. It's also insane to think that I've been blogging consistently now for over 2.5 years! WOW! It feels like I just started this thing while at the same time, NOT AT ALL! lol! It's amazing to be able to look back though and have all these race recaps and fun travel adventures and goals that I set each year to see if I've hit. I just love blogging, so I don't want you to think that's going anywhere either.

My other goals include consistently reshaping myself to be a better wife, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend. I really love the people in my life so much, and I want them to know it!! Our goals for 2017 do not include children even though if you had told me that I would turn 28 without having a child, I would have thought you were INSANE. For right now, we have decided that's what is best for our family, and we just REALLY love life together and want to wait a while longer, and that may mean that I don't have them until 30. Maybe I'll only adopt (although currently we do want to have our own as well). I don't know, and I'm just going to seek what the Lord has for me, and right now, I feel it's not having our own just yet! :)

I can't wait to hear what your goals are for 2017! Let me know and we can work on ours together.



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