A Beautiful Email from a client & friend

A few months back, I made a post about anxiety and being transparent in that. I got so much beautiful feedback, and I happened upon one of the emails from a client this morning by searching for something else for her in my inbox. I have a folder on my computer that is called "When Clients make me happy" that I save emails like this, and I wanted to share with you guys as I thought that it might really make you smile because of how much truth she speaks in it. She is seriously such a joy in my life to coach!

Here goes: 

Dear Katie,

I had so much I wanted to say to you after reading this mornings blog post and it just felt a bit too long to post of fb.  I wish we could sit down for a cup of coffee or go for a long run and chat in person.  First I want to tell you that it takes courage to share our struggles publicly and so good for you for having the courage to be honest and to share those.  I'm a little older than you, with a few more years of experience, but not too much ;)  Becoming a mother though has taught me a lot and forced me to view things from a slightly different angle and so I wanted to share some of that with you.  

Today's world is so much different than what even you or I grew up in.  I didn't have the pressure of social media when I was growing up, attending school, getting married, or starting our new little family.  There wasn't a need to keep up with people or feel like I wasn't doing enough or being judged by snippets of my life.  They say comparison is the thief of joy and I truly believe it. But that is the world we live in now and it's almost possible to avoid.  Of course there are wonderful aspects of it too.  Reconnecting with old friends, making new friends that you would ever have met otherwise, and being able to stay connected to family worldwide. But one of my biggest challenges as a parent is teaching my children (and learning myself) how to be in the world, but not of the world.  How do we stay connected and reach people but stay grounded in Christ?

I think the answer lies in the Cross.  Everything Jesus did in his life here on earth revolved around what HE would sacrifice on the cross.  His ministry, His character, His attitude...it was all about the cross.  His life on earth was focused on revealing WHO God is and rescuing us.  He didn't care if he was the most popular, the most liked, the favorite.  Can you imagine if His ministry was taking place today with an aspect of social media??  He would definitely not have the most likes or followers or be the most handsome.  But He was always genuine, honest, and treated people with love because he is love.  We tell our kids the same thing.  I don't care if you are the most popular, the most liked, the prettiest, the funniest, or the best at anything.  In fact you will probably drive yourself crazy because there will almost always be someone just a little bit better.  BUT we do care if you are kind.  And we DO care that you always do YOUR best.  Not because of selfish ambition but because God is THAT GOOD.  We should always do our best.  And find our self worth, and our joy in the cross.  He loved me that much, that he gave his life for me.  When you continually turn your eyes to the cross, everything else pales in comparison and tends to fall into place respectively.  It doesn't make life easier, but boy can it change our perspective.

We have a book we read to our kids called "God gave us Christmas".  It's an adorable book about a family of polar bears and in the story the mama bear is taking her little cub through a trek in the northern wilderness to show her God in our world.  At one point in the story mama bear tells her that "God would have come even just for you."  Little cub asks "even just for me?"  and mama bear replies "even just for you."  It always gives me goosebumps when we read it to our kids because how powerful is that?  God would have sent Jesus even if it was just for you.  He sees us individually and loves us so much that he sacrificed His only Son so that we would have a way to Him.  

It doesn't make it easy everyday but when you use that as your compass for your self worth and joy, it sure steers us in the right direction.  I am sorry that you have been dealing with this anxiety in your life and again am just so thankful for you and for your willingness to share.  You have an individual skill with a unique vision and I think that is what draws people to you.  Sure people may go, or unfollow but that is in God's hands.  You will reach the people that He intends for you to as long as you keep putting Him first.  I appreciate the way that you took time to seek Him first.  That shows maturity, thoughtfulness, and wisdom.  I will continue to pray for you as I have been doing today, but just wanted to share a bit more of what I was thinking about.  Thanks again for sharing yourself with this community.

Love in Christ, 

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