A Month with No travel & New February Plans

First, I'm so frustrated with my blog/website host. There are so many troubleshooting issues which is why I've been blogging so little the past few weeks. But we are going to get it all worked out! :) 

So when Tanner and I set off for Nashville for New Years which was right after the Christmas holiday, I was just done with traveling. haha! I loved spending time with my friends, but it can definitely be very exhausting. I told Tanner that I needed a month of just not going anywhere and to get back into routine. The gift that I gave my mom for Christmas was a road trip, so we were going to go this month but we put that off in efforts for us both to just rest a bit. 

It was so refreshing. Every single weekend, I have been able to catch up with things and not get behind. Every single Monday morning, I have felt renewed and not frustrated and frassled. This month showed me that sometimes it's so lovely to just be at peace. Sometimes I feel like the world is spinning super fast, and I have to do all that I can every single second to make the most of this life, and while that's true, it can allow for a soul that's not at peace. That's what it had become for me. 

I'm so thankful for at home, pizza making dinner and documentary dates with my husband and early morning coffee and devotions in bed. 

It also allowed for much better training. I didn't have to switch days around to fit my changing schedule. I didn't have to skip runs because I wasn't able to with friends. I was able to get caught up on some things to do with work which made me feel like I was able to be a better coach. Every single Sunday I also was able to go to my grandmothers house and spend time with family. Yesterday when I was there, I was only there for maybe 30 minutes to an hour. Every single time I come, no matter how short of a time between visits she says "I wondered if you'd ever come back" and then when I leave she always says "Who knows when I'll see you next!" hahaha...she's one of those ornery ones ;) HOWEVER, as ornery as she is, I was thinking how special that our family has that time on Sundays. When she's gone, which is inevitable at some point, I will be so glad that I lived in the same town as my family so that even admist a busy life, I was still able to pop in for an hour on Sundays and spend time with her. Our family is special, and I'm grateful for that. 


Speaking of family and no traveling, my family is traveling this weekend! HAHA! All 20 of us-to a cabin in the NC mountains!!! It's going to be super warm, so that's somewhat of a bummer but it's going to be so much fun. One year we got snowed in, and THAT was awesome but it's not looking like that's going to happen this year. This house that we are going to is so awesome! I can't wait! The weekend after that is the Katiesfitscript Retreat in Maggie Valley, and then after that, our church is going on a marriage retreat. I know I'll feel frazzled at the end of these three weeks but I'm so so excited to do some things again on the weekends with all kinds of different people that I love! 

We laugh that this is the Lord's table!! Look at this place! I'm so excited! 

We laugh that this is the Lord's table!! Look at this place! I'm so excited! 

I'm so excited for a new program idea that I've been working on for the Lent season. It's going to be a challenge focused primarily on the giving up of self progression. It will be a challenge where I ask that all girls don't diet, but also don't gorge but just simply eat food at their maintenance macros or intuitively eat (and I will have guidelines for both) with devotionals that go along with each day. I have been writing devotions about the topic of food, peace with food, and the bondage that it can have on us in not allowing us to see our greater purpose in the Kingdom, so I'm REALLY REALLY excited for this challenge. It's going to be $20 and start February 10th, and I'll put out more information as it gets closer. I want it to be cheaper, so that as many women as possible will do this. I hope it can be really restorative to our souls.

I am also grateful for good food and times in our downtown area. I always talk about the brewery but they always have such great music and we love their food. They have a falafel wrap that I'm obsessed with so we spent a lot of nights there! :) But yo, I almost got arrested. For those that don't already know the story from other social medias, I was running, the cop flipped his lights on, turned around and was getting out of the car with his handcuffs and asked me my name. I told him my name, and then he started backing off saying that someone that he was looking for looked like me, and that he was about to arrest me and take me to jail. WHATT??!?!? How crazy would that have been? I live in a small town, so my hope is that I can get him to take a picture arresting me for good times. LOLOL! 

I know you lost interest in that Falafel sandwich because of the arrest story but here's that ;)

I know you lost interest in that Falafel sandwich because of the arrest story but here's that ;)

I am grateful for this month also because of the work that it allowed us to do on our house...especially with the snow apocalypse. I'm one happy wife when my house is clean, dishes done, laundry done, pictures hung (this had not even been done), Christmas stuff all neatly in the garage, curtains hung, tons of "fix it" projects and now working on a mudroom. We have this walk way area that we have been saying since we moved in, we were going to do this. I'm going to do a blog on what we end up doing with measurements and such, but it's nothing spectacular. However, we were discussing that when you do things like this, it opens your eyes up to know that you can do so many projects to your house. It's very easy but just seems complicated. We are going to build a bed for our guest bedroom next! :) It's fun! 

This weekend reminded me that while traveling is so fun, there is so much joy and happiness to be found in your own backyard of your own town and rest is such a beautiful thing. I'm rejuvenated and ready to take on the next 3 weekends of travel! :) 

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