So, Katie sent this into me so long ago and I have no idea why I never shared with you guys! I'm hoping this is a nice surprise for her this morning. Katie remains to be such a good friend, and I love seeing how successful these girls are after they have worked with me and learned the ropes and then can fly out of the nest on their own. haha! But, sometimes I miss having them in my inbox ;) I am however excited because she shed 13 minutes off her PR after working with me, and I will get to see her in Boston this year! YAY!!!! Can't wait to hug her neck!

 Running on empty. That is how I would describe how I was living before I began working with Katie.  After completing the Boston Marathon last April, I was in a rut.  I was running 75 miles a week and eating less than 1200 calories a day. It was no surprise I was not seeing improvements in my running. I missed by personal goal in Boston by 9 heartbreaking minutes.  I needed help, so I reached out to Katie.  I wanted to get faster and I was just tired of being on a diet all the time.  More importantly, I did not want my two daughters to see their mom running and dieting all the time. As I approached 40, I wanted to finally feel freedom from dieting.  When I read Katie's posts, I thought this is what I need!  I reached out to Katie and told her I wanted to get faster and she assured me she could help.  I had never reached out to anyone online but for some reason this just felt right. I was taken by her positive attitude and her certainty that she could help.  At age 39, I had been watching what I ate for years, it clearly was not working.  I needed a change, Katie's plan is the change I needed. I was tired of being hungry all the time and watching the scale move in the wrong direction.

As soon as I received my plan, I was hooked.  I wanted to succeed and I knew I would if I stuck to my plan.  I found sticking to my macros was easy. I loved that I could eat pretty much what I wanted, it was just a just a of balance to make it all fit. Katie was there anytime I had a question and there were a lot of questions.  Immediately I saw results.  I was elated.  I was eating and losing weight. I was discovering the magic of macros.  Since beginning my cut in June, I have stuck to my macros every single day, never feeling like I needed a cheat meal (and goodness, I love food).  If I wanted a treat, I just made it fit.  I now eat foods that I had not eaten in years!  I was falling more in love with macros each day.

I was loving this journey.  The best part was I could feel a change in my running.  Every run I was feeling stronger and I was seeing it in my training. In August, I began training for my 19th marathon.  I felt stronger than ever. By September, I was ready to reverse diet.  This was so exciting to me, it has brought me nothing but joy.  As I continued to train for my marathon, I was seeing improvements in my times weekly.  Maybe I really did need to fuel my body for running!  In September I ran a 20 mile race that pretty much got the best of me every year.  I felt so strong the entire race.  The icing on the cake was was the first female in a race that I usually struggled to finish. As I approached my marathon, I knew it was time for a new goal.  I felt nothing but peace going into my marathon.  I felt stronger that ever.  I met my goal at my marathon, running 9 minutes faster than the goal I came to Katie with (and a 13 minute PR).  The best part is felt strong for this race and I feel that I finally ran a marathon that I had trained for.

I now eat about 800 calories more a day than when I came to Katie and I weigh more than 20 pounds less.  Now those are numbers that I love! My only regret is not finding Katie sooner.  Katie has truly changed my life, her knowledge and faith in me has brought nothing but joy.

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