Sometimes human beings are just really (really) special, and I wanted to share a story with you guys. I'm in a facebook group that is focused on the goal of running 2016 miles in 2016! That's approximately 38 miles per week, and everyone has different focused goals, and some are doing it in combo with friends. However, it's a really encouraging and loving(and huge) group. One day a sweet lady by the name of Jennifer posted that while she was out on a run, there was someone behind her that commented "Now THAT is what you don't want to look like. I bet she's ugly as hell too." As they approached her running, they said "See told you". She had headphones in and assumed that she wouldn't hear them. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.58.59 AM.png

In the picture, Jennifer is the one holding the sign! 

She immediately took out her headphones, walked to her car, and left. She posted this to the group, and it went "viral" in the sense of this group. There were over 1000 comments, and she commented later that those comments got her back on the treadmill that night to complete her run. 

It didn't stop there, and it continues to go. They started a hashtag #runforjennifer and the goal was for everyone to wear red the next day and run their miles for Jennifer to show her that she was beautiful and worthy and an amazing runner. The number of posts is so huge that facebook will not even allow me to get back to her original posts because it's so many back in the thread and it was only like a week ago. I'm talking hundreds of posts of people wearing red, people encouraging her, people running miles for her all with the hashtag #RunForJennifer. She is running a marathon on Sunday, and I thought how fitting for us all to continue to support her. 

Lululemon has jumped on board, and even made a sign outside of their store in this particular location. 

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I just really love when people love on people. I really love when people build each other up instead of tearing each other down, and I really love that social media allows us to come together as a union of those that understand one another in our different perspective hobbies and interests and share together. It really is an amazing thing. If you want, you can dedicate your miles this weekend to Jennifer by hashtagging and wearing red, and I can't wait to see how she does. There is nothing more empowering then a group of 15,000 runners on your side to get you through your marathon! Love the running community and how it revitalized my love of social media as well because otherwise, she might still be dealing with the pain and hurt those comments caused her and sidelined from running.

Last, but not least, I did another youtube about what mine and Tanner's macros are, how we deal with "cheat days" and what you will find in your kitchen! :) Just so you know what the next topics are going to be on my channel and whether you want to subscribe, I'm going to be doing How To's with Macros, Meal Programming Ideas, How to Create your own marathon training program customized, How to Reverse diet & My success with that (adding 1000 calories with no weight gain), and Full Days of Eating and Training as I'm headed into the Boston Marathon and full ironman training! With that, I'm off to get my workout in, get some programs done, and then headed to Maggie Valley for our Team Katiesfitscript retreat! :) 

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