Valentine's Weekend in Pictures

So, you probably saw last week that I was headed out to the Team Katiesfitscript retreat in Maggie Valley, NC. Unfortunately, we had a little set back. I was literally about to leave my house, and some of the girls had already left when I got a call that the path leading up the cabin was basically unreachable and we didn't know when this was going to be cleared off. There was black ice everywhere, etc. The options were that we could get a hotel and split that, or we could walk from the bottom of the hill about 0.5 mile up to the top with all of our food and clothes. This was POSSIBLE and then we would have kind of just been stuck there the rest of the weekend which would have been fine, but it just didn't seem reasonable. I also wasn't sure what cars each of the girls was driving and so I got in touch with all of them, and we all came to the conclusion to cancel this weekend and plan another maybe in the spring/summer when this wouldn't be an issue.

Finally got out the Go pro and learned how to use it better for some good quality images!

Finally got out the Go pro and learned how to use it better for some good quality images!

I was really bummed but also glad that I got to spend a lazy weekend with my husband. Of course, what weekends ever become actual lazy weekends? HA! On Friday night, we really did just chill. I had a big workout that morning anticipating leaving (leg day, 1 hour cycle followed by 6 mile run). I felt beat up but in a really good way like "Gimme a lot of food way" so we ordered pizza and watched Netflix. 

On Saturday, we started the process of building the mudroom. In all honesty, it was cold as junk here and my dad came over to help Tanner and I did a really good job of staying inside and doing laundry and watching the Olympic Trials. HA! I'm going to do an entire blog post on the trials so I'll wait to talk about that. I also got caught up on a lot of work related things, read my bible for a few hours, and adequately took a complete rest day. 


I went to Marshals that morning, but of course bought nothing because I'm weird like that and never do. I sent this picture to a friend telling her "how to do a messy bun" which includes Step 1-47 of putting your hair up and down until it looks right. HA!

My brother stopped by and brought the precious baby with him. Ah, love this little boy. We spent time walking up and down the stairs at "Aunt TaTa's" house (we are working on Kay-Kay but haven't got there). We also ate chips, and jumped on the bed in the middle of the living room (see further down for explanation). 

After they finished up with the bottom portion of the mudroom, we decided we were going to go to Outback which in my tiny town is a trip to this outside town 30 minutes away with the "Yellow top mall" aka outlets. Tanner wanted to go to the Reebok store, and happily they were having a closing business store. I got the coolest running shirt for $10 and Tanner got new Crossfit shoes for $17!!!! (**Insert shocked face emoji!!!**) He also spoiled with my a new MK bag and wallet. In all honesty, I'm thinking about taking the purse back. I know it's crazy but I really just finished Kisses from Katie and I cannot help but think about all of the starving children that I could donate my money to but instead, I'm going to buy a purse? Uh, I struggle with these things big time. We went to Outback and there was a 2.5 hour wait. HAAAA! Negative. 

So, we left and came back home to our wood fire pizza grill joint, and had the best dinner date. Tanner's sickness though hit with a boom when we got home. Fever, chills, the nine yards! We decided on Friday we wanted to spend the weekend on a mattress in front of our fire. So ridiculous I know but it's just us in this big house, so we can do what we want right? HAHA! So, we cuddled up with the puppies, watched Friends after dinner (like 6 episodes) and fell asleep in front of the fire! 

On Sunday, we had church like normal and I just honestly felt the sermon was really moving. I'm also feeling very called to do ministry with high school kids(I know the way in which I'm feeling called but don't really want to say it out loud just yet hahaha). It's not a full time thing, and of course I would continue everything that I'm doing but it is a commitment. It's a commitment that has come up now 4 times in my life, and each time I feel led, and each time I tell God "I'm really sorry God but I'm too busy." Each time, I keep internalizing, if I'm honest with myself, that jobs and success and training and all of that comes before him and I'm just kind of sick of saying that. But, I also don't want to over commit, and not be there for people and things that I'm already committed to. I'm really spending this week getting organized, re evaluating things, and then taking steps forward from there. 

Every week for lunch or dinner on Sundays, we always go to my grandmothers so we headed over there and talked about how we want to start a family event planning business. How fun right?!!?! Okay, who has time but really. Our town could really use it and I think it would be so fun. I also had to get grocery shopping and my long run in. My long run was on the treadmill, and I know I haven't shared this yet because I keep pretending it will go away but I'm having some pain in my sartorias, pretty severely at higher mileage. I've talked with my coach and we scaled back this week. We went slower and shorter, however those long runs just kill me and that leaves it inflammed for days after. I've talked with a PT and doing some rehab. The thing about this injury is that it's not really an injury. It's just a nagging something so it's not that I think I need to just stop running (believe me yall, I know my lessons, and when to stop) but just that I need to figure out what to do to get this better. I can pretty much push through any pain and continue running, so I always have to really think and evaluate like "Should I stop? Is this dumb?" haha! I spent a lot of QT stretching this weekend, and Tanner also got me a massage/mani/pedi for V day!! I mean really, do I really need an MK purse too? See what I mean folks? hahaha! He's really sweet to me for sure.

Last night as always, I just caught up on cleaning the house, laundry and starting weekly check ins. I hope you guys had an awesome weekend? What'd you do for Valentines? Anything special that you got? Who does Galentines? I'm totally throwing a party for my girls next year! My sign off is so appropriate for today ;)  

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