Stop Being Crazy

Okay first, this blog post is written to NO ONE other than what I see every single day in real life and on the interwebs. No one take offense that this is directed towards you because it is fact not directed towards anyone. ;) 

I work in health and fitness every single day. I had a friend recently who told me that when she met me, she told her husband she was going to make a point not to talk about fitness to me, which I actually really appreciated. It's ALWAYSSSS a topic of conversation. I really don't mind talking about questions that people have, but I'm never going to bring it up on my own. I love having friends that aren't associated because they followed me or what not. It's just a breath of fresh air. God bless Taylor Swift, because on the most minuscule level that I've felt this fame thing, I can't imagine. hahaha! That's NOT EVEN THE POINT OF THIS BLOG....SHEESH. ;) #backontrack 

The point is though-people are obsessed with health and fitness. Let me rephrase that...people are obsessed with their body image. Almost 99% of the people that I talk to just want to lose weight. They don't care how. Some will even straight up say they don't care about health. It's 100% about losing weight. It's always a joke. I get it. Haha. But, when they are alone at home, I know it's not a joke. The jokes about "Oh I could eat this whole pizza" or "Oh look at you skinny mini" come from a place of insecurity about their diet and themselves. 

I noticed something about the women at my church. They come in all shapes and sizes, and for the first time in my gosh forsaken life, the topic of diet NEVER breaches the surface. Literally NEVER EVER talked about. It's not that people intentionally don't talk about it. It's just that for some reason, there is this rare breed of women that just don't care. Hallelujah PRAISE YOU JESUS!! 

I really want you to take a second, and really think outside of the box for a second. This is how I was able to overcome all of my issues, not even kidding. I would think about myself and think "What would someone do that wasn't me with my diet and body image?" THEY WOULDN'T CARE. THEY.WOULD.NOT.CARE. No one cares but YOU. It's so revolutionary I know, but I just can't seem to really get people to think that through for themselves. I know it's so tough, and I get it, but think about all the time and the energy and the money and the efforts that you waste obsessing over this body image thing. 

FREAKIN REST. Like honestly, give yourself a stinkin break. When you leave this earth, do you want to be someone that was controlled by their weight? Do you want the topic of conversation with all of your girlfriends to be about the next diet? Do you want to live your life in one continuous diet? It legit makes me rage thinking about how brainwashed we have made women. 

Taking care of yourself in my opinion is not just something you should do, and for me it's biblical. Eating well and balanced is something that is second nature to me. I'm in no way (I feel I must clarify) saying that we should just all eat junk. No way. Eat well. Take care of yourself, but in taking care of yourself, you've got to stop being crazy. 

Eat good food and forget about it. Exercise, and then forget about it. Don't exercise to lose weight. Exercise because it gives you energy and feels good. Eat good food because it makes you FEEL GOOD. I look at progress pictures of clients, and it all molds together. The human body has become kind of odd to me after seeing so many body's day in and out and the one thing that remains true is that no matter what a girl looks like, if her mentality is not stable, NONE of it matters. It doesn't matter if she's 100pounds or 200 pounds, stability is everything. 

Stop thinking about your next meal. Just eat your food. DO NOT ELIMINATE CARBS AND DO CRAZY DIET FADS. FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS, EAT CARBS. Stop dreading your workout. If you dread it and don't want to do it today, then just don't freakin do it. If you hate your healthy food, then you aren't doing it right. If you hate your body, you AREN'T DOING LIFE RIGHT. STOP THAT. RIGHT NOW. Eat a candy bar because you love it. Eat pizza because you love it. Don't eat pizza then work the pizza off. It's made up of carbs and fat and protein. Your chicken veggies and rice are made up of carbs and fats and protein. It's not that serious. Just eat the pizza. Don't eat protein pizza or protein cheesecake. Just eat cheesecake sometimes. 

Breathe. Take a deep breath, and BREATHE. What if you left this world, and everyone said "She was so confident in who she was. She was such a beautiful example of grace! She was such an example of love, and passion and happiness!!! She loved to move, and she loved to give." Get out of your head. Step outside of your box. Life is not meant to be lived in the space between your ears with all of the thoughts of what you think about yourself. BE PRESENT and let the background fade. 

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