Fit After Fifty Testimonial

So, I wanted to share a special person with you guys today! My mom has been working so hard on all of her clients, and so many of them have seen such drastic results. I think it's incredible because honestly, flexible dieting and macro counting is something that is just now starting to become more main stream. Some of the diets that others have been doing for years and YEARS (decades really), and this is just so liberating so it's been really amazing to watch the women and men that she works with. Another amazing thing is seeing the joy that she gets from helping. My mom (as I've said before) has such a servant heart. If she helps someone, that's so much better for her than if she gets something for herself so I've really loved watching her work with all of her clients.

We only took on 10 clients (and 4 more snuck in hehe), because we wanted to make sure that this was something that she could handle in the beginning however, we ARE opening that back up to you guys now! Again, we are only taking 6 more because we don't want to overwhelm her (she works a full time job as well). Everything that is done is also under my direction and we talk through the clients so that we make sure that they get the best care possible. So, if you are interested then check out the Shop tab > Customized Programs > Fit after Fifty Program that is taking on 6 more clients to start up March! 

With that, I wanted to share one of her clients that also just so happens to be her best friends husband so that was fun! 

The Fit after Fifty program absolutely works!  It is so easy to keep up with what you've eaten that day by using the online app.  It surprises me about how much you can eat each day and not be hungry.  Some days, I may not be hungry but still need to eat something to get all my macros in.  I have only lost 27 pounds but have only been on the diet for about 8 weeks.  I look forward to getting to my goal and really being a lot healthier.  By the way, I am a guy and it definitely works for us as well as for the ladies!


Steve Brown

How awesome right?! I love his testimonial and I can't wait to watch her continue to change lives through this!!! 

Some of her other clients stats are a loss of 30 pounds in 16 weeks, 21 pounds in 16 weeks, 20 pounds in 12 weeks, and 10 pounds in 8 weeks!!! Yall, these Fit after Fifty men and women are absolutely KILLING IT! I'm so proud of them, and her, and I know that pictures always do the most justice, so we are going to try to convince some of them to do a transformation ;) 


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