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So, first things first, let's talk about this Mcdonalds biscuit I had last night.... I love fast food. It's silly, I know, but I do. I really don't get it as much as I act like I do, but I do love it. They used to have a Southern Chicken biscuit so that's what I planned on have for one of my meals (ha). I ordered and they said "Now we only have the Buttermilk Chicken Biscuit" and I was like "Well I'm sure it's fine" so I got it. I now know the difference and that I will never do again. It's because they switched out their crispy REAL chicken for the fake chicken nugget material. You know their nuggets? That's the patty...like rubber and bigger. YUCK. I was hungry and going to be busy so I knew I had to eat it or be really hungry. Never again. LOL!! But Wendy's chicken nuggets and Bojangles fries never disappoint #JUSTSAYIN! 

This morning, Tanner and I started our weekly Friday morning coffee dates. I won't call it a tradition yet, but I'd like to say things are getting pretty serious. It was so great. It was 6:25am and we were headed to the coffee shop and I was thinking "This is silly. We talk all the time, and I'm sleepy" hahaha! It ended up being the best coffee date, and I'm sure you couldn't guess what we talked about but I think the title of this gives it away. 

Tanner asked me what I wanted to talk about in our little Friday morning coffee dates, and if I wanted to make it into a bible study. It's not that I don't want to make anything into a bible study but I just wanted this to be different. I think that brain storming session is my kind of jam on a Friday morning. Of course, we had to make our coffee dates productive. HA! But honestly, that's just what makes us tick and makes us happy. 

I was walking out of the YMCA yesterday after my workout, and I think I just get on a runner's high (I've been having to do all runs on the treadmill because of a hip/sartorias pain) and just how very thankful that I am and how much cool things this world has to offer. 

Technology is not always a good thing, but we are in an "age" where we have SO MUCH right at our fingertips, and yes some of it technology but a lot of it are ideas of how to live life better and more productive. I was reading an article this morning about the differences in people that are the most productive, and one of the things that they did was brain storming sessions. 

I don't just mean brain storming about business things, but ideas of fun things to do with your life and the course that you want it to take. What places in the world do you want to see? Trips that you want to go? Fitness adventures you want to complete whether that be a Spartan race,  an ironman, or a fun 5k? What are some events that you could hold at your house? What are some restaurants that you've always wanted to go to? What are some close spots near your house to go hiking? Or close cities close by to go spend a night and explore the city? Do you want to build a house one day? Plant a garden? Build your own furniture? Have a game night? Craft night? Host a dinner party? Painting and wine class? Another art class?

I know that we don't have to always be entertained and there is beauty in relationships and just BEING, and some people might think that my mind and ideas are exhausting. Different strokes for different folks but man it just gets me so excited about life. If you are going to work and coming home and just "chillin" and the thought of doing something exciting and fun sounds dreadful, then what kind of life is that? Why work just to pay bills and not have life passions? However, sometimes a fun thing to do could be a Fuller House netflix marathon!! HEYYOOOO!! (so pumped) 

Complacency is something that I never want to be. I never want to just sit and be idle and not take advantage of everything that life has to offer, and brain storming sessions help that so much. What are some 5 year plans for my business? What do I want that to look like when we have kids? The conversation gets rolling, and then it's like you can't stop. One time before we owned a house, years ago, I remember asking Tanner what he thought our future house would look like. As a guy he's like "Ah I don't know. Why would we talk about this now?" and I'm like BECAUSE IT'S FUN TO DREAM!!! 

Humans THRIVE on hope. There is no way that so many people could have made it out of the Holocaust alive if not for hope. We always hope for a better future. It's what keeps us plugging right along. Hoping and dreaming makes our hearts and souls feel so good inside.

Lastly, what are dreams and hopes and schemes and brain storming sessions if no action behind them? Tanner mentioned that he thought it would be cool if we both were NASM certified and had personal training out of our home gym. That's a fantastic idea, but then he was like "but we will have to really work on the garage and make sure that we have this and this and this done". This is fantastic ideas, but I was listening to a podcast about small business, and the one thing that you can't be is a perfectionist or you get perfectionism paralysis in business. You are never going to have everything perfect. Sometimes you have to just ACT. Sometimes you just have to put your foot forward and say "Okay, I'm going to try this". That OBVIOUSLY means that you do it well, but I know my husband and he will nitpick something until he can't see straight and then never make a move because he's afraid of what the final result is. For example, I've asked him to write blog posts and one post takes him like 5-10 hours. NEGATIVE. 

I have ideas. I have typos. I have grammar errors in this, and maybe even sometimes you guys judge me for that, but sometimes you just have to ACT. If you want to have a dinner party at your house, then make the facebook group tonight!! If you want to start a business, then write out a plan that will have you to your goals in the next year. DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR TIME. My mind can't comprehend idleness (I'm sure yall know this by now). 

Sometimes it might be bad. Sometimes, it might even cause some headaches of things that you got yourself into, but day dreaming is something that I'll never apologize for. It's what keeps me going in life, and making me hope and propelling forward since I was seriously 5 years old. I can remember writing out lists of books that I wanted to read, dreams for college, dreams for my career. It didn't end up what I thought (AT ALL) but that's okay too!! The one time that you will never get anywhere is if you don't try. 


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