Macros and Diabetes

So, you should remove all carbs right? NO! NO. NO. You just need to control your carbs. This is for anyone, but it’s important for diabetics. You also want to keep your insulin levels stable. In order to do that, you have to have a moderate amount of carbs.

Many diabetes specialists are going to recommend that you count carbs, and while I totally agree and I’m basically saying to do the same thing, I just think that you should count fats and protein as well. If you are JUST counting carbs, then I think that just puts you in a pigeon hole again and only choosing certain carbs. The truth is that if you can just get stable with carbs, no matter the glycemic index of those carbs, your A1C will start to come down.

But, my recommendation professionally is that you should eat low glycemic index carbs. What is that? Those are going to be what you hear are “healthier” for you such as brown rice over white, and sweet potatoes over white potatoes, and whole wheat or whole grain bread vs white bread. All of these things are going to help keep your insulin levels stable, whereas if you eat things like cookies and cake, this will spike your insulin which as a diabetic is something that you don’t want. 

So, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse sometimes on my blog so I apologize but in all honesty, if you just get set up with a normal intake even if it’s high calorie and you are keeping consistent amount of carbs day in and day out, your body is going to respond. I think that so many times with diabetics, they may restrict carbs for a week and then on the weekends they are going nuts and their blood glucose is just out of control. You want to get a diet that is sustainable ALL the time.

With macros, you can have absolutely anything, but just making sure that it fits into your carbs for the day. Myfitnesspal will track everything for you. It has databases at all restaurants, and every food item that you get at the grocery store, you can add right in. If you get a custom macro breakdown from me or anyone, or even just online, you just stay within those fat, carb, and protein and you will lose weight and probably reverse your diabetes.

I think we hear all these terms, and we get really confused and overwhelmed when it’s simple. You can have ANY foods, but hunger cues are going to drive you towards the healthier foods. If you have a set macro amount for the day, then you are going to be hungry if you are aiming for doughnuts and pizza so therefore you are going to trend more towards those carbs that have a lower glycemic index regardless but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have pizza. One doughnut does not destroy your diabetes, but keeping balance day in and out, week to week…can reverse it. 

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