What To Do When You Don't want to Workout

So, I'm writing to you today even though I am not actually in one of these moods, but I think that it happens to all of us, and I just wanted to give some of the things that I do to get myself in that mood or in some cases, I just don't. 

I think that the most important thing in ANY workout regimen is separating it from weight loss goals. If you are going to the gym to pound out some cardio just in the efforts because you want to lose weight, you are going to hate it. I remember those days all too well, where I just would tick off the time and dread it and just get it done. Whatever you are doing, it needs to be something that you enjoy. If your workout is an indoor soccer team then by all means. Working out does not have to be X, Y, Z. It can be anything and that's why I never push one workout over the other but just being realistic of how your body shapes up when doing particular workouts. 

I think it's becoming more common place to recognize that pounding away on the elliptical is useless and also just sucks. So, for me, the first thing is just routine. I know that every day, I'm going to be working out. My rest day shifts from Saturday to Sunday and even on those days I try to focus on stretching so honestly, every single day I know I'm going to be doing something related. I've been at this working out game now for 7 years on my own but really my entire life, so I'm very used to it. I played 3 sports in high school so I had a 2 hour practice after school every single day. I did travel soccer so even when I left my high school practice, I would drive to another 2 hour practice. A two hour workout is not a big deal to me. It's just the norm and what I do. But when I went to college, I had to make it my routine. There are so many that get to college and just stop. You have to make that routine for yourself when you don't have a practice to go to and the first step is finding what you love and not what you hate. 

We all know though that even if we love what we are doing, there are going to be days that we just do NOT want to workout. If you are someone that is very consistent and you are just having a really bad day, seriously, take the day off. It's not that serious. Don't be a billy badass thinking you HAVE to be in the gym every.single.day. I skip some workouts. It happens. If you are someone who is really inconsistent, then it's probably best to look at the situation from the outside-is this a workout that I really need to get done. "I've only worked out twice this week so maybe this could make 3 for the week and then I'll be done." Sometimes workouts are workouts that are crucial to your programming. For example, I'm never going to just skip a long run. I feel long runs are very crucial towards me developing endurance towards my marathon. However, all the time I have to shift when I do them (Saturday/Sunday/Monday) depending on my weekend schedule. 

Let's say though, you know you have to do this workout but you are DREADING IT. Like, you are thinking about it all day long and thinking how much you do not want to. First, you need to snap out of it. You need to clear your head (that thing I talk about all the time). Think about something else. Don't think about the thing that you are going to do anyway and just torture yourself with it. That's purposeless and just space in your head you could fill with other thoughts. Second, really hone into the thankfulness of the way that your body moves. This is some hippy stuff but really. Be appreciative of the body that you have and that you GET to work out. Third, watch some videos. That's the golden ticket for me. I go to Youtube and I may search "Inspirational Running Videos". I follow a channel "Your World Within" and I go to see if they have something new. I type in some of my favorite professional athletes, and see if they have videos. I go to instagram, and for me, I look at ultra runners...always. I know that I'm not an ultra runner (yet), but it's always so good for me to see what they are doing. If they can do THAT, then certainly I can do this "measly workout". That's what I tell myself. I tell myself that every workout that I do is easy peesy lemon squeezy. 

I know that not everyone desires to be a really good athlete, but that's something that I really do desire genuinely. So, in order to do that, I know that I have to be serious about my training. But, that's not something that I expect of any of my clients nor do I recommend it. It's not necessary for your average person on the street that just wants to lose weight. I have a WIDE range of workouts that I recommend, but I do believe that we can all be inspired by someone great. I think that's why pages on instagram are popular in the first place. We all want to be INSPIRED. We all want to look to someone and say "Wow. That's incredible. I wish I could have that life. I wish I could run like that, swim like that, dress like that, or have a cute little family like she does. I wish my faith was like hers. I wish. I wish." Of course, that can turn detrimental, and it's a double edge sword, but I always like to spin that in the positive light and hopefully see that there are so many people out there running because of the inspiration that they found through social media so use it to your advantage when you are dreading the workout. 

Lastly, for me, and this is some of the points I make in the new challenge that I'm doing (Strength from Within) but I think sometimes I personally don't think of how even my workouts can be glorifying to the Lord(stick with me here haha)? If you are working out just simply to lose body fat and hating every minute, are you making an idol out of your body and could you spend your time doing something better. In Luke, it talks about if we aren't diligent in the small matters, how can we be trusted with the bigger ones and if we cheat in one area, will we in all other areas? That's not to put a guilt trip at all on anyone but just to say that taking care of your body is something that He wants for us so that we can be lively and healthy to further the kingdom. However, he does NOT want us obsessing over our image and tells us that we are beautifully and wonderfully made. It's all about that #BALANCE! ;) 

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