First Day as a Pharmacist

I always knew this day would come, but I wasn't sure how or when or what it would look like. I really am not one of those people that thinks that everything happens in your life for a reason because I've had some sad things happen to friends, and I can't wrap my mind around there being a "reason" but I simply think that with living through Christ, I find reason in the things that are happening. Does that make sense? haha! Basically, I feel so much "reason in my season" right now. This job literally fell into my lap at a time when I really just needed some social interaction, I was starting to feel a little bit anxious about losing my pharmacy knowledge but I wanted to also incorporate consulting into the job. This doesn't exist in pharmacy especially not at the number of hours that I needed which was one day per week. And then....

I am all of a sudden in contact with a home town pharmacy that wants help with complete medication review and syncing of patient's meds. They want to improve outcomes and decrease hospitalizations of their patients to give a more all encompassing  approach to healthcare. They only need someone part time? Wait, what? I felt like God was like "hi hello here you go. here's your boat. Ask and the door will be WIDELY OPENED." haha! I've also been nervous. 

Katiesfitscript is growing. It's not that I "need" another job. I just simply wanted to be involved in pharmacy. I for sure have my hands full and a full time job with Katiesfitscript and as always, I'm more than thankful for that. However, I do think that it will behoove my future to keep my pharmacy license active (I was going to do that anyway) but mostly to keep in the work place and keep my brain active on these topics. Even though I'm on social media all day, I will be honest that I get lonely. I know it sounds weird, but it's the truth. I need some people interaction and I need a place to be some days. I needed this for my mental clarity more than anything. 

Every time I tell someone that I got a pharmacy position in Shelby, people crack me up. They are like "GOOD JOB. GREAT! I was wondering when you'd do that!" as if what I'm doing now is just not good enough. hahaha! People CANNOT get out of the mindset that it's okay to do something different. It's OKAY to not have a 9-5. It's OKAY to create your own path. So, I just thought I'd say that. But I'm more than thrilled to be a part of the team at Taz Pharmacy in Cherryville for those that are familiar with the area.

I think for awhile people have wondered that don't know me in real Katie ACTUALLY a pharmacist or is she a scheming pathological liar? LOLOL. Maybe they will think this is all a part of my big master plan of making people think I'm a pharmacist. ;)

However, I am I should be. I want to do a good job. I want to be what they were looking for in a pharmacist. I hope I get along with know...typical first day jitters. 

It's so unbelievable to me that it's been almost 2 years since I've officially clocked into a job and that I've been blogging/instagramming/coaching since then. I actually have big plans to continue to evolve as a coach that I'm excited about, and I want to add customized run coaching in the mix of that. So, don't get me wrong... I absolutely LOVE coaching and I'm not going anywhere! :) 

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