Nourish Women's Dinner & Training Update

So, I've had this idea for a while that I was going to do a dinner for women at my house. I called it Nourish so that's where the title comes from. I wanted it to be a space where women of faith could come together and talk about topics that we don't always feel comfortable talking about in group settings or even church settings, and for this to be a time of vulnerability. I think that women need other women more than they could ever imagine even though we always want to tear each other down. haha! I wanted it to be a meal and just girl talk so that it could nourish our souls and our tummys! :) 

I had it planned for the weekend prior but there were a lot of women that couldn't come so I changed it to this weekend, and it was great. There were 6 women and I think that it will grow and grow and I'm hoping to have it each month. We simply had dinner and this was just care free conversation for hours and hours. Tanner was probably laughing because I made him stay away for so long, but he went to my brothers for bro time so it's all good ;) 

In the future, I might have questions to direct the conversation because as I've talked about before, I think talking about awkward things can be really beneficial. I know that sounds so weird, but honestly it's questions that we never ask ourselves. A bible study that I went to in NYC about the love and respect between a man and woman has drastically changed my marriage from those types of questions. I didn't even realize there was something to be fixed, and yet we were talking this week how much better our marriage has been after we made just some tiny changes.

[[Basically, the point of that series was that if you don't respect a man, he can't love you as well. If he doesn't love you as well, then you won't respect him as well. So, in our personal lives, I always made jokes at the expense of him in public, and he brushed it off but I knew it hurt his feelings. I committed last year to just stopping that entirely after this love//respect thing and it's just been so cool to see his confidence shift even with me. And now I feel like a terrible wife that picked on her husband too much hahaha]]

I'm not sure who all follows along on my instagram but you may have seen that I was struggling with a sartorias flare up/impingement/pain. It's right at my groin area, and it's been going on for about 5 weeks now. I've done very low mileage and all on the treadmill to avoid elevation changes. I've foam rolled, lacrosse ball, ice, heat, stretch, mobility movements, etc etc and it's not completely gone to be honest. It's such an odd injury because it's fine and I think I'm better and then I run either speed or a long distance and I'm like "nope. nope. Definitely still there." So, I'm just doing what I can, mostly biking. I'm not too stressed about it as I know these things always work themselves out but I'd be lying if I wasn't really bummed because I'm training for the biggest race of my life (Boston) and I feel this way. 

I was however able to squeeze in 12 miles on the treadmill on Saturday. I tried to do this at 7:50 pace, but it started hurting so I went down to 9:00 pace. This is a far cry from the 7:10 pace I had planned for Boston, but life happens and there will always be other races and I'm very young so I can keep working hard to get the goals that I have. The past few weeks I've been running every other day 6-8 miles to keep this injury at bay and we are trying for every day this week. I am lifting 4 days per week in an upper/lower/upper/lower rotation so yes, I'm doing two leg days per week. The way that my coach programs things, we keep the reps very low so I'm getting stronger but I'm not sore the day after. Well, I'm sore but not TOO sore. 

Yesterday, I went on a 35 mile bike ride (2K elevation) with some of my endurance friends in Shelby. I'd be lying if I didn't say that was TOUGH. My whole body was aching when I finished, and is today but it is DEFINITELY needed. I had done 6 miles of speed work prior so you can imagine I was dead last night. This morning I have an interview actually for a small part time pharmacy medication therapy management position. I have wanted something in this realm of pharmacy for awhile to keep my foot in the door and not lose my pharmacy knowledge, but also be able to integrate what I love to do. I think that this is the perfect situation for that. Again, I feel that I must say that my clients will not suffer from this, but just that I won't take new clients unless I can! There's some changes going on in my life, and that's okay. 

Lastly, Tanner and I were placed last night in a school in our area for Young Life (Burns High School for those that are around here). So, I never thought I'd wear the colors of one of my high school rivals, but I guess I will now ;) haha! We are more than excited for the Lord to use us in whatever way that he wants us. It's always nerve racking to start something new like this, and just wanting to do a good job in all of the new changes. 

I'm prayful in the changes that I want to make and that the Lord will lead me down a path that He wants me and not one that I want for myself. It's hard to believe that Boston is 6 weeks away and the ironman is 7 months and 2 weeks away (but who is counting lol). Hope you guys are doing well! I just have many plans for Katiesfitscript as well, so that will be in the works as well! :) Change is a beautiful thing! 

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