"Did You Gain Weight?"

So, the person that said this had a weird profile and I'm not offended so please don't mistake this blog post about that. I simply saw it, laughed, deleted it and wanted to make a point about it. I posted this picture to instagram, and as you can I don't have the typical look my stomach has. The reason for that is because of the abdominal pressure when lifting 245 pounds off the dang floor, but you know let's focus on the important things ;) #sarcasm 

My body is my product. I recognize that. I'm in the health and fitness industry and that's what allows people to trust what I'm saying because if it's true, then I should be able to do the same thing and it work for me. But, how INSANE that I put up one picture like that and someone asks me this?! It's not to say that I care but it just goes to show how warped society is and the way that we view health. 

I think far too many times we think of health as a weight, and it's just not the case. Yes, there is a direct correlation between obesity and weight gain however there are overweight people that are very healthy and there are people with ripped abs that aren't healthy. We know this, but yet we can't seem to really let it sink in. We have a one track mind of fitness and we want to know the specific details of those that we follow online. Questions I get all the time: What's your height? What's your weight? How much do you eat to look like that? 

So many times people want a program handed to them that tells them the exact steps to take to get to their goals not recognizing how very different their bodies and metabolisms are from those around them. Abs are the only focus of the fitness industry and if you don't have those, then people lose their minds I feel like. 

Did you know that a fluctuation of like 2-3% of body fat can make abs disappear? Did you know that you can just be holding water one day and the next day look completely different? It's not that serious and worrying about it down to the micro level is crazy and maddening. You can ask just about anybody that if your sole focus is on your aesthetics, you are most likely going to be unhappy. I have very strong abs, so even if I do gain weight, you can still see them.

Want to know the funny truth? I probably have gained like a few pounds. I really don't weigh much and I really could care less. I could probably eat a little less for like a week and it would come off because I take care of my metabolism and know how the game works. So, my abs don't show as much and my delts aren't as defined and my quad sweep might not be as prominent. Please let me tell you how little that matters when I have a husband that loves me regardless and friends that really could care less. I feel like the first knee jerk reaction is say "Haters gonna hate. You look fantastic!!!" I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a deeper issue that so many of us struggle with. We get on that scale hoping for just one pound loss and when we don't see it, it's like the wheels come off the school bus. 

We start feeling down on ourselves. We start going towards more extremes. We start destroying our bodies even more instead of focusing on true actual health. There are far more important things in this life to worry about than the weight that is on your frame. Isn't it odd that we are a society that cares about this? It seems that over time people in America get more and more obsessed, more and more extreme, and more dangerous. 

In a round about way, my points are this: 

  • Your weight does not define your health! It's okay to have goals to lose weight but if you are taking care of yourself, then learn to be happy that you are healthy and not obsessed over the number. 
  • Abs do not define health but having abs doesn't mean that you aren't healthy. Everyone is different. 
  • Strength > Abs 
  • No one cares about your weight by you (unless you have a following online then people are silly and you know better than to listen to them haha) 
  • If you don't accept yourself as is, no matter the stage, then when you get to your leanest, you still won't be happy (happens time and time again)
  • If you have a layer of fluff, and you've gained 5lbs, it's really not that serious. You can get that off super quick if needed for a day on the beach (ha) FOOD/LACK OF OBSESSION>WEIGHT
  • Practice what is preached! If you don't want to be a picture of obsession over weight then don't be. Stop weighing yourself. Go by how you feel. 
  • If you have goals, it's okay to diet. Don't let people tell you that goals are not okay.

I think that's all for today's ramblings ;) 



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