Top 10 Reasons My Mom is My Hero

Today is not Mother's Day, my mom's birthday, nor is it national tell your mom you love her day (I'm actually fairly sure its #nationalpetday). Does anyone else feel like there's a national holiday every single day these days? But I'm not complaining because I feel like it's fun to celebrate these different things, but today I just want to celebrate my mom for no other reason than to make her smile. 

1. I'm 26 years old and I still call her about my taxes, insurance, and how to get rid of stains in various things. 

You know the drill. "Hey mom! I have this weird bump on my left shoulder. I have sent you a picture and wondered if you knew what this could be." 

2. I openly get mad if she tells me things that I "already know" about my taxes, insurance, and how to get rid of stains on various things. 

"MOM I'M AN ADULT NOW. I KNOW THIS! Don't undermine my intelligence!!!"

3. She's on other levels of self sacrificial.

I can't imagine how I made it 8 years without her in the same town as me. She literally drove from Shelby to NYC just so that I could use her company van instead of renting an astronomically expensive Uhaul. If I'm locked out of my house, she will literally drop everything just so that I can get back in. She would take absolutely ZERO time for herself if it meant that I had one more success or a smile on my face. She does EVERYTHING for everyone else, seemingly enjoying it without complaint, and hardly ever anything for herself. Her spiritual gift is self sacrifice I'm convinced. 

4. She's on other levels of defensive. 

"Oh they did that to you? I'M CALLING THE SCHOOL!!!" Me: Mom I'm not in school anymore.

I'm kidding but really, remember all those scary times your mom had your back and was gonna "call someone" and you are like "No no no really it's okay!!!" or those times that a boy did something to you and then you try to get back together with them, but you know it's hopeless because you've already told your mom (and aunts and cousins) and so that person is doomed for the rest of eternity. #welcometomyfamily HAHA!

5. She sometimes wears mom shoes/clothes, and lets me laugh at her about it. 

She wears New Balance shoes for her orthotics and plantar fasciitis. I pick on her constantly for this, and she just laughs. There's always that one second too far though and then her nose turns under and she gets her feelings hurt. 

6. She ALWAYS laughs at my jokes, whether good or not. 

Legit, find me a mom that doesn't laugh really hard at her kids jokes and everyone else is just like not even slightly amused. I can literally HEAR my moms laugh right now because we are always laughing together. If I text her a joke, she will sometimes even text back how funny I am. WHO DOESN'T NEED A MOM CONFIDENCE FUNNY BONE BOOST? I walk away from those texts like "Heck yea I'm so funny!!!"

7. She lets me talk/vent non stop for sometimes what feels like hours without me ever feeling guilty that I'm talking too much or stopping me, even if it's through hours of mumbled, hard to hear phone call conversations of sobbing tears. 

I had a dramatic college experience and bad breakups, okay? HAA!

8. She could have $0 in her back account but if I told her growing up I wanted something for Christmas, she would stand in outrageous lines for hours on end shivering in the cold & possibly sell her soul in order to get it just to be able to see one smile on our faces. 

Black Friday anyone? My mom was a regular...still is. I also thinks she gets some sort of enjoyment out of savings even if it's like 50 cents which in turn makes me excited if I save at the grocery store. I know my mom would be so proud when I remember to bring my Ingles Advantage card.

9. I could be interested in underwater basket weaving competition and she would be there with a foam finger yelling at the refs who cost me the game because "clearly it was rigged."

Funny/not funny story! One time on the soccer field, I was young and got embarrassed by her yelling for me that I looked at her and told her to shut up from the field. I don't think that we will both ever forget that moment. I was so young but yet I will never ever forget the guilt that I felt playing the rest of that game and coming off the field to a mom who still hugged me with tears rolling down her face because I had hurt her feelings so bad. She wouldn't talk to me the rest of the night. AHH THE AGONY OF GUILT!!!! haha! It was rough. Mommas rock. Let them yell.

10. She's the first one to snap me back into reality when she thinks I've done something wrong. It doesn't matter how old, I'm pretty sure she would still try to spank me or would most definitely let me know how she feels. 

My mom still fusses at me. She tells me that she doesn't think that I should do certain things, or if she thinks I'm being rude, inconsiderate or irresponsible. She keeps me on my toes, and I'm a better woman because of it. 

I really do genuinely believe that I have one of the best moms out there, and I'm so very thankful for that, but then I see the way that other people talk about their moms and I think how special being a mom is in general. There is a natural instinct to be the most loving, caring, sacrificial, and giving human on the planet to our children, and it's such a beautiful thing. I don't know what I'd do without my mom. She has been my rock for so long. 

I love you Mom <3 



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