Goals and Plans for Boston

So, if you know anything about marathon running, you never speak a word about your actual goal times. hehehe! Jk, you can if you want but it's like a curse if you do so that will not be the point of this blog. I will come back around in my recap of the marathon and tell you what my plan was going in and whether I hit that plan. I will be REAL honest in that it's VERY hard to go into a marathon that you have prepared for and to "just enjoy it" as everyone tells you to do with your first Boston Marathon. Everyone says to just enjoy your time, and the crowds and to not worry about getting a PR. 

Here's how I look at it though. A PR would be cool, so why not try for it? However, who cares if you PR because you're in Boston? To me, I want to at least give it my all. If I come up short, I'm not going to think "AH MAN I WISH I HADN'T RUN SO HARD!" I am the type of person that has a BLAST while I'm racing it. During Thunder Road Marathon, I was having fun BECAUSE I was going faster. With tapering right, you feel on top of the world and you have to stop yourself from going faster. I believe in running with how I feel and not by a perfect plan. A perfect plan of hitting paces is stressful and takes the joy out of it. Why not run fantastic if you feel fantastic? Your next marathon you might not feel as great and your body will only allow but so many per year (unfortunately because I think I'd do it every weekend haha) 

Tanner got me this for my medal :) 

Tanner got me this for my medal :) 

However, there is a difference with running with effort and running with no plan! I most certainly have a plan! First, I'm trying to coordinate my plan with my BFF runner Bethany because it would make my heart so happy to be able to run the entire thing with her, us both to come in sub 3 hours (thats a joke), and then we just rip off our shirts USA Women Soccer style and rage through the streets of Boston in all of our glory. *okay coming back down off my delusions of grandeur* 

I have to tell myself to be smart. In the past, I'll be honest. Here's been my game plan: Run as hard as you can for as long as you can. If you bonk, oh well. If you are able to keep going, then you get an awesome PR. Well, that works for your first couple of PRs but it has made for a miserable 23-26 miles of every marathon, and I could have the same times without having to be so miserable in the end if I'm smart. But no joke, that's been my plan up until now but I just keep that nugget to myself ;) 

The beginning of Boston is downhill, so for the first 4 miles there is going to be so much pent up energy that I'm going to have to FORCE myself to go slower because I need to stay smart. If it's downhill, I could legit see myself going 6:45 pace and like not even thinking about it. Katie, NO. I WILL SLOW DOWN. THIS IS MY SOLUMN VOW. haha! 

all the runners from Shelby! 

all the runners from Shelby! 

On the uphills, I will continue to go by effort and not the pace that I'm going. If you continue your fast pace up the hills then that's just silly because then you'll feel awful when you can save your legs by going slower. It's all about keeping it right in that range of what my body is capable of for 26 miles.  

At the end if I'm feeling it, I will rev things up a bit (final 5 miles) and see what I can end up with. At the end of the day, I say all this as my plan but if something were to happen (like I have this fear of my injury resurfacing from a month ago) then I'll just go easy and it TRULY does not bother me. Social media makes it out like everyone is always trying to hit PR's and while I'm sure most are, we all really just want to have a good time. 


For my nutrition, I'm going to eat 1/2 cup oats with peanut butter that morning with 1 banana. At around 8:30, I'll probably have a cliff bar. Right before the race, I will either have another banana, a gel or possibly some candy because I don't want to feel full but just have loads of carbs in me. Start time is 10-11. I plan on taking 25g carb in gu/gel every 5 miles! :) I start at mile 5 because I like to stay ahead of the game so that will be 4-5 gus total meaning I will have consumed right around 250g C by the end of the race for the day! :) Typically post race, I want to want to stuff my face but usually, I feel really sick from all the processed gus/gels and just like to drink water for a few hours. 

I'm obviously GOING CRAZY because everyone is already in Boston and I'm still in NC but I leave out tomorrow morning. OFF TO PACK!!! CANT WAIT CANT WAIT EEEKEKEKKEEK!

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