April 2016 Goals & Changes

You may or may not have realized that March was a very slow month on the blog. There was a lot that happened in March that formed what I like to call my quarter life crisis ;) You guys have been following me long enough to know who I am and what I stand for, and I was saying for a while that I was at this place that I knew was too good to be true and that everything was going to come crumbling down. Well, that's not what happened, but I came to this crossroads of like "WHO AM I?" I got REAL annoying to my husband with that question. I think that we get caught up in the blur and motions of life, and I took a step back and wondered if my life was heading in the direction that I wanted. 

Who am I? 

I'm a daughter of a King, and I'm a wife to Tanner. Those are primary to me. I'm a daughter, sister, cousin, and friend. I'm a marathon runner, soon to be ultra runner, pharmacist, and triathlete. I'm a small business owner and nutrition coach. I'm a young life leader, and a yorkie mama. And yet, I'm asking myself who I am? REALLY KATIE REALLY. Tanner will be the first to tell you that he was slapping some sense into me.

I felt change brewing. HA! Change that honestly isn't because of any other reason that having to be true to myself. I have a waiting list as a coach and I'm so very blessed with the sweetest and best clients. I wouldn't have that any other way and that's not changing one bit! HAHA! That's my pride and joy and love. I love coaching. 

I announced last week that I'll be doing no more flexing ab selfies on the ole gram. I know that's such a silly change to make, but it was a big one for me and this is why: BUSINESS. But every.single.time I posted one of those pictures, all I could envision was my pastor and neighbor following me on instagram, and I wanted to shrivel into a hole of embarrassment. That's not to say there is anything wrong with them because I don't think there is, but I just got shy on that. 

I have a professionalism that I want to uphold, and for you guys to be able to come to a place of value and integrity. When I began blogging, I always wanted to be a "healthy living & lifestyle" blogger, but I literally remember telling Tanner that I knew that no one would ever follow me if I went that route. For some reason, I thought I wouldn't be successful. I loved the beautiful images, but I didn't want to be just another one that blended right in. I felt there was a gap in information with macros that I wanted to provide, and I've done that, and will continue to do that. But the information is now there. There are pages and pages of blog articles that you can find on macros HERE

My point is: we need to move this train down another avenue. I feel like I've grown up and changed but been forced to continue doing the same stuff because that's what I built. And most of all, I lost my confidence in what I was doing. Like yall, I feel I can be honest here. It's been ridiculous. I think that's the number one issue is I look at everything that I'm doing and I'm not proud, so I knew I had to make changes. So, with that, it's not going to change that much. HAHAHA!!! 

However, there is going to be better photography, more recipes, more lifestyle&faith, more running/endurance focused, and as always macro information. But yall, I have to get out of the fitfam....like yesterday. If I see one more butt/almost naked photo on my newsfeed, I'm going to lose my mind. I don't have to do a Vlog on youtube about what I ate in a day or every second of my life for you guys to trust me and "like me". This is my path. I don't want to be another macro coach that never answer emails and are just "famous" online so they take advantage of it.  I want to do new fun exciting projects with companies that I know that I can be doing on my blog, but I just tunnel vision focus on JUST coaching and tiptoeing on the line of what "category" I fit in! I also want to start selling my waffle recipe..which you can find HERE


In the same respect of all of this, I know I overanalyze. I know all of you are thinking how I could have just started up doing exactly what this blog entails and just not writing a big blog about it. It makes me feel like I'm like ALL OVER THE PLACE but I wanted you to be excited with me about all the cool things that you will see. I really think that honestly, you guys are going to LOVE THE CHANGES. I'm incredibly excited. I also am going to start utilizing the instagram handle @_katieamelia for most of my food/fashion/faith pictures like the picture below (with mostly endurance focus on @katiesfitscript).  You will find a running thread on the sidebar with images of the latest recipes, and everything will begin to be categorized into high protein, high carb, low carb, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, vegan, vegetarian, etc etc! You get the picture! :) There will also be posts about faith & family as well! 

If you are a fitness apparel company and would like me to style an outfit with your clothes, I'd love to collaborate. Do you have yummy foods you want to get out to the world? I'd love to create a recipe with your products! My bag below is Jo Totes meant to be for carrying your DSLR camera! I'm in love!! My necklace is a large circle monogram from ILoveJewelry.

Last but not least, I don't want this to seem like another thing I'm adding to my list of impossible standards. It's not that at all, but I want to have a really good standard and a space that I can look back in 5-10 years with children and be proud of what that looks like. Hope you love the new blog direction of Katiesfitscript, the healthy lifestyle blog <3 

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