Plans Moving Forward

JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! The only thing this has to do with is to just to make you smile! :) 

JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! The only thing this has to do with is to just to make you smile! :) 


So, now that Boston is behind me, what is next? ULTRA MARATHON! Well first actually, is a full day at the pharmacy but you know, close enough! ;) 

My ultra is in 4 weeks. I know I know…that’s insane. My thought process was: I’ll be trained up from Boston and Boston will be a “long run” getting me more in shape for the ultra, which I still believe to be true. The most important thing is injury prevention. I know I mentioned my hip/groin during the marathon flaring back up, and it did, but very minimally. I told Tanner the night before that I expected to be right back to square 1 post marathon with my injury, and part of me wonders if it was a blessing in disguise that my body wouldn’t allow me to go faster as that was easier on my groin. Now that I’m 3 days post marathon, I feel great. I still have a small amount of soreness in my legs, but that’s to be expected. My hip flexors are a little tight, but I’ll be fine after this week easing back into normal training. What I thought would be the pain of my previous injury isn't even there. HALLELUJAH!!

Marathons are funny because once they are over; you forget the pain and just resume normal life of running. At least that’s for me. Each day I take as it’s own therefore the fact that I did a marathon Saturday doesn’t make me want to sit on my butt for a month. My ultra is a 50K (31.07 miles to be exact) and is flat trails in Wagram NC on May 21st! I plan on taking it very very slow. I just want to finish. I have ZERO time goals. After that, my next race might be the half ironman in Raleigh, but I’m not sure. I really want another marathon before my ironman to be able to race, but I’ll have to look at the calendar. I’m thinking of doing a flat one in December, so I might just wait for that. We are going to Denver for young life camp June 26-July 3 so I’ll have to work it around that as well. I love this life. It’s so fun! 




The same way that I am about marathons, I have realized that I am about nutrition. Having goals is just honestly fun. I like to experiment and try new things. I know not long ago, I said I was intuitive eating and I have been successfully for months now (honestly probably 6 months+). During that time I may have tracked loosely but never really fully in a very very long time. I haven’t gained weight and I honestly don’t feel bad but I just honestly want to have some goals.


So, this week while training is low coming out of my marathon, I’m going to do a mini cut. I know you guys think I’m captain shred city all the time but if you have seen the food that I’ve been eating the entire week leading into the marathon and then pre and post, I feel fine but I definitely need some greens and protein in my life. My GI is like WHAT THE CRAP? #LITERALLY

I just don’t feel 100% myself, so I want to utilize this week to lower carbs a bit, and then I’m going to start a slow and steady reverse coming out of it. I’ll maybe weigh myself tomorrow depending on how I feel. I aint about that life, but we shall see if I want to get analytic or not. HA! Every other time that I’ve done a reverse in the past, I’ve done 5g C and 1g F. I believe my metabolism to be stronger than that now, and my training to be more intense, so therefore I’m going to be doing 10g C 2g F and if I feel that I could handle more, then I’ll add in more. I’ve always wanted to get to 300g C so we will see if that is something that I can do. I’m going to continue to be as much plant based as possible. When I’m tracking, I find it difficult as everyone does but I want to stick with that as much as I can.

My macros will begin at: 110g P 210g C 45g F (1685 calories). Again, this is a mini cut…NO ONE PANIC! ;) My carbs and calories will be up higher very soon. I typically like to just cut a lot off because I know from coaching that sometimes it can take some drastic cuts to see some progress, and I’d rather go ahead and get in a quick deficit to lose quick. Yes, you can do this if you are someone that wants to lose quicker. I’m not losing quicker because of wanting rapid weight loss. I’m doing it fast because I want to get back to just fueling for training, and I have a very healthy mindset with food now. With clients, I typically stay high as much as possible ESPECIALLY if there is a potential bad relationship with food there.

So from there, for example, I will go: 110g P 220g C 47g F --> 110g P 230g C 49g F

Also, you’ll notice my fat is pretty low. This is something that I’ve realized works very well for me. I honestly just LIKE lower fat. Higher fats make me feel bad and I’ve noticed my digestive track doesn’t work as well. This is all through YEARS of trial and error. You can’t expect to figure this out over night, but you will start to recognize these things about yourself.

I really do want to stick to this. I do have a lot that goes on in my life, and I never want to look as if I’m worried about my food because I’m not worried…ever. I could care less, but I do set goals and I like to stick with those so I do plan on sticking with this. You can very much go out to eat, go to family and church and young life functions, and continue on track if you plan well and that’s what I’ll do. When you have a goal, you make it work! :) 

IRONMAN (Oct 21)

Most of my focus has been on Boston. We have had some short, easy rides and short, easy swims here and there (typically once per week) but nothing big. I’m going to be moving into more tri specific work in the coming months. I have a lot going on, which is fine but I plan on making training a priority. I’ve realized that I tend to make my clients my first priority literally above everything. I love yall so much, but in training others, I’ve honestly slacked on my own training (even though I know it doesn’t look that way but it most certainly has happened).

 Part of me had the thoughts of “did I give it my all in training for Boston or did I get wrapped up in everything else?” and I don’t like that emotion at all. I want to go into the ironman confident that I did everything that I knew I was supposed to. My mom is going to be working for me more therefore the work load will be lighter. As long as I can pay my bills, I’m totally happy. I’m sure you guys know by now, I get by on very little. I’m very un-materialistic. I’ve had the same car since I was 16. I feel really guilty when I make big purchases because of all the need I see in the world so I’m fine with that. 


I'm literally so on fire. I cannot even explain. There has been another switch turned on and I can't wait to come back for redemption or something haha! I always say to set huge goals, so my goal has been a sub 3 one day (even if it takes me 10+ years) and that will continue to be my goal. We shall see what happens. But, I will be working my butt off in the meantime...every single day of every week. 


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