Pureed Pizza Cauliflower Dip

As I was thinking of what my next recipe would be, for some reason I wanted it to be something to do with pizza but I wasn't sure what yet. I told Tanner to go ahead and grab some turkey pepperoni at Walmart when he went this week (which he also randomly got me flowers-THAT GUY! ha). I started thinking about whether I wanted to do a high carb pasta pizza casserole for athletes or if I wanted to do a lower carb "weight loss" cauliflower pizza type recipe. I decided for the most part, people like to see the lower macro recipes just because we all know how to eat high carb. I mean really. hahaha! That's easy. 

So, then the decision was Cauliflower and I was going to make a casserole with cauliflower and pizza. I was thinking like layers almost like a lasagna, then I think my mom was the one that mentioned maybe making a dip and I was like A-HA! YES! So unique! So, that's where the idea came from. 


So, this is an incredibly low calorie pizza dip. ENJOY! 

It was legit very good and we added garlic bagel crisps with it which was super salty and the perfect combo!!! Add a diet coke to the mix and CALL ME A HAPPY CAMPER! 

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