She's Always Watching

I'm a health and fitness coach. I try to teach people how to diet in the most sustainable and flexible way possible, but at the end of the day, I teach them about dieting. I think about when I was a little girl and how I never even knew what that was. Actually, I think I did know but I always thought that dieting was something that only adults did, like taxes or bills. I LEGITIMATELY did not know what a calorie was until my junior year of high school...welcome to the south. I'm not sure if that means I was stupid or naive, but either way I'll take it. 

I understand that dieting is not just girls, and I don't want to sound ignorant to that fact. I will be focusing on girls in this though because I do feel like unfortunately, statistically, that's just the demographic that struggles the most.

There's this happy medium because sometimes I think of all the happy bliss I experienced knowing nothing, but then I think about the road to destruction that led me on because then when I was faced with it when I went to college, I was just always taught that less is more. I didn't mean for what happened to happen. It just happened. It is also of note that I learned none of those bad habits from my momma. She just had a great relationship with food and never even thought to talk about it which was AWESOME and still is! :) She's the best and my best friend!

So, where does that leave us? Personally I think with the advent of social media, girls are learning about dieting younger and younger. For example, I'm sure there are high schoolers that read my blog. Hopefully it supplies them with valuable information of how you should NOT just cut calories super low, but there's tons of other bloggers out there selling detox teas and promising results in 48 hours and I can't promise that. So, I think with the things that are in their face all the time in efforts for the industry to make money, we have to be proactive with the younguns. You don't need to keep quiet about it. Teach those girls about how MORE IS MORE not less is more!!! Teach them about actual nutrition and how to take care of their body's to DO things and not to look a certain way. 

What are we telling them when we obsess ourselves? THEY ARE WATCHING. They learn about life and the way to be and the way to act by those around them. That is very clear. Most of our belief systems come from our parents. If momma hates her body, then how can her little girl expect to love hers? ... as if you didn't have enough pressure as a mom already and AS IF Katiefitscript even knows what it is like to be a mom??? I know right? I really don't, and I totally am not trying to. However, I do think that it's an area that we need to be working towards breaking down those walls.

If momma makes jokes about other women and the weight that they have gained, what does that say? If momma makes jokes about herself and the weight that she's gained? If momma says "Oh she's young and that's how she can eat that" or "If I ate that, I'd gain 20 lbs" or "She's so lucky that she can eat that and not look like me." I think that everyone is guilty. This kind of conversation is everywhere, and it is just so instilled in us. If someone loses weight, we tell them they LOOK GREAT. Smaller is ALWAYS BETTER RIGHT?!!! NO. That is just not true. 

I think that we need to start praising the momma who loves herself while eating an apple because it's GOOD for her and because it's going to help her to live a long, healthy life full of playing in the floor with babies and grandbabies. I think that we need to praise mommas who work all day, come home at night to kids and don't have time to workout but are doing all they can on the 2 days per week that they can make it to the gym no matter what size of jeans that means that they wear. I think that we need to start praising the mommas that are gym bros and are ripped shredded machines because it's okay for someone to be more cut than you and not to be jealous. I feel almost always we make snide remarks about women in a hateful tone because of them being able to eat something or looking a certain way because HELLO WE ARE JEALOUS! 

This is my best friends daughter! How perfect is she right!? #babyblues

This is my best friends daughter! How perfect is she right!? #babyblues

Like I'm not guilty. PUHLEASE "Must be hard having boobs, abs and a butt! She probably bought one of them!" HELLO. JEALOUSY. "MUST BE NICE GETTING ALL THOSE FOLLOWERS SHOWING HER BOOTY!!" (hahahaha #GUILITY) Why aren't we saying "HECK YES YOU GO GIRL!!!" or better yet why are we writing on her instagram "YOU GO GIRL!!!" while we screen shot the photo and text it to our friends. Women, we suck. We really really do. hahaha! 

But, I think we are getting better, or maybe we are getting worse but I like to think of glass half full here. Most of all, I think that we need to start looking away from perfect diets and perfect bodies and for the real thing to be praised is a healthy mindset. We need to praise a woman who takes care of herself mind, body and soul. How many times does a woman try to better herself only to feel awkward at a dinner party when she turns down the cupcake and everyone tells her she doesn't need to lose weight and to "just eat the cupcake!" MAYBE THE WOMAN DOESN'T WANT A CUPCAKE!!! Why is it not okay to have goals? 

Praise women who eat cupcakes. Praise women who eat brocolli (as long as they eat more than just brocolli hehe). Teach our daughters to do the same. Don't tolerate your daughter starving herself. Don't tolerate your daughter hating her body.  If you find yourself obsessing, don't tolerate it for yourself either. BREAK THE FREAKIN CYCLE. Make it your top priority until its done. Eat well. Take care of yourself. Don't be gluttonous. Diet if you want to, but make dieting flexible and sustainable. Don't detox. Don't skinny tea. Just relax and be. 

She's always watching. Always.

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