Results on Cut Week 1

This first week has a story- "My body didn't like me story" 

I'm not one to weigh myself every day but I wanted this process of cutting then reversing to really give detailed stats so I went ahead and am going to track all of that. I don't every day and will only do so every week but here goes: 

Here's a few things to note: 

1) I felt awful all week to the point of being super frustrated. I felt lethargic from less food, but am not one to not take a plan seriously so then my lifts sucked and I felt bloated. I was compensating for lack of calories with things such as gum and diet soda which is stupid, so I got rid of that and instantly felt better. 

2) I started scheduling carbs specifically to be right before working out so that I would have lots of energy for that. 

3) I reminded myself cutting is temporary. No, I don't need to "lose weight", but we all know that we all have a place we feel most like ourselves so I'll cut until the end of next week then reverse! YAY! 

4) I had work crew all weekend, and just ate what was provided...#obviously #liveyourlife Honestly I probably ate less than normal just from not thinking about it and working so I feel great. 

5) The only reason I "lost" 1.5 this week is because I was definitely holding water when weighing the first time so most of that was just a drop in water and I don't expect but a tiny change this week. 

Here were my workouts for the week:

My long run I ended up doing on Sunday and took a rest day on Saturday. As you can see, I have a large focus on strength. I'm kinda hoping my mileage is increased this week as I'm feeling a bit underprepared for the ultra (50K on May 21) but we had a heart rate assessment last week and my heart rate was high for a 8:45 pace which made us think I wasn't fully recovered from the marathon and had lost some fitness so trying to gain that back. I'm looking forward to that. 

I hope that you'll enjoy following along with the stats that I'm going to cover with my cut and then reverse as my workouts get more intense moving into my ironman! :) I don't have pictures this week but I will start with those next so that you can see my progress as well. 



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