How To Stay Motivated

I get this question so much. I feel like that I've navigated a good answer that I give almost always but then again, this is what works for me. As we all know, some of us are just more intrinsically motivated than others. I don't say that as one is better than the others. Sometimes I joke with my brother (who is very un intrinsically motivated and laughs about it and could care less that he is) that I would love some more of him in me. My best friend laughs that she wishes she wanted to work out. She wants the desire but it literally doesn't exist at all for her, but that's okay too. 

I think sometimes we all force ourselves to be intrinsically motivated for working out when quite frankly the simple answer is that you might just not enjoy working out and you know what, that's okay. Maybe you don't want to go to the gym. Don't go. Maybe it feels good to just walk around your neighborhood and you should do that. The first step in any sort of movement is finding what you enjoy. Never do a fitness activity that you don't find enjoyable. I don't run marathons and ultras because I think that I need to. Heck to the no. Believe me, I know it's completely unnecessary. I really do just simply enjoy it. It's like nirvana for me to be out in nature just moving one foot in front of the other. 

So, step 1: Find what you enjoy or you are never going to want to do it. 

Step 2: Find a goal in that thing that you enjoy. 

For me, that means a new race and the new race is typically something different. I love marathons but I want a marathon in a different city with a different goal. I wanted to venture into the world of ultramarathons. I am doing triathlons. I have a list of big goals that I want to achieve and so I slowly tick those off the list. The more that you start doing them, the more that you realize that really nothing is outside of our reach. You just have to sign up and start the training program. 

Step 3: Stop thinking so much. 

The more that you think about stuff, the more that you are overanalyzing it and making it more difficult than it is. So maybe, just close this blog and stop trying entirely. Make efforts when you can and don't at other times, and that's okay. If you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, thinking about it is the last thing that you want to do because then it's just going to be on your mind all the time and that doesn't produce results. You want to just be relaxed and not get stressed about it. 


Always-always-write it down! 

It's like it solidifies it into the world so that you have to do it. haha! Okay, not really but it always helps me to really get a plan of action going. Write down your small and your large goals-short term and long term. You want to begin practicing the short term now so that in the future you will be able to move forward towards the long term goals. Write out exactly what the plan is for the following week and then start implementing those things into practice. 

If there is something that you want to achieve or a place that you want to be, then you should go be that and do that. You don't want to just sit back and watch the world unfold day by day and never taking steps in the direction of your dreams. Like legit, I would not be writing this blog as part of my daily job if I didn't take a few leaps of faith, write out my goals, and then just go after them. It takes time and efforts but eventually you can look back and know that in a few months you set forth on a journey and you moved towards those goals instead of continuing to look back and say "Man I wish I had started then" 

This is NOT in reference to weight loss. I feel as if so many of my blogs are trying to show you how to lose weight, and you guys know how I feel about that. Life is just simply not about that. This is about all of your goals and dreams and what to do to achieve those.

Sooooo, now I'm inspired and going to go write out new goals of mine. It's fun! Getting a new planner always helps with that too and I'm running in the last month of my last one. WOOHOO for new planner time!! 

If you have a favorite planner, let a sista know because I don't use electronics and always looking for new ones?! :) 

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