Nutrition & Training-Ultra Marathon Week

So I was reverse dieting (and still will be doing so) but for the next week going into my ultra, I decided to go into a surplus. Training always comes first #duh and I'm going to need as much as I can get down this week without it being too much. The thing that I stress to my clients is first that you have to know yourself well enough to do this. Pro athletes (I'm not in any way on this level but I like to think "What would Scott Jurek do?" haha!) always are going to increase their intake by a certain amount and not just gorge.

I'm actually going to shoot for 2340 calories (145g P 335g C 60f F). The key to this ESPECIALLY while tapering and doing less is that I will be eating foods that have a high glycemic index but are whole foods. You don't want it to be junk food. Junk food will just sit in your stomach, but things like beans, potatoes, whole wheat pasta, etc. The other key to jumping intake is just recognizing the threshold. If you are just honestly so stuffed you could bust, re evaluate for the next day and try to schedule meals to where you can get those calories in. Ever since I was seriously born, I've been one to not eat much (not a restriction thing-just like even as a baby and toddler). So, the first time I did this, it was most definitely a change but once I added in some things like granola and pasta, I saw how easy it was to get those carbs up. I want to really fill out the tank!! WOO! 

This past week, weight actually went down which is typical for me in the beginning. 

I also just want to make a comment here that you can't ever be afraid to increase your intake. Like, if my coach said "You need to eat 550g C next week" then I would do that. Some don't feel that way but I just think it's important to realize that your body can handle much more than you probably give it credit. They are also very fluid and forever changing so like this is for a purpose. The days right before (2 days), I'm going to switch to an 80% carb, 10% protein, 10% fat (like a vegan haha).

Pre Race Dinner: This has always been a burger and fries and I'm re evaluating that after feeling like crap every single race. Can't believe it took me so long. I'm thinking a huge whole foods bowl with black beans, corn, pasta, potatoes, and veggies. 

Pre Race Breakfast: I'll keep this the same as I always do which is 1 cup oats with peanut butter when I wake up and then a cliff bar before the go time. 

Intra Race Nutrition: REALLY hoping to do a gu per hour. UH! I hate gus and one day I'll practice with better nutrition but for now, that's what it will be. 

I actually was looking at the website, and it looks like I might be competitive in this ultra which is quite hilarious, but also exciting so I want to do things right. It's always this unwritten rule to not give time goals, but honestly I'm not being competitive, I'm just sharing what I'm hoping to achieve and if not like I've said before, who cares? I'm just happy to be there. 

It's a multi loop course that has almost no elevation and some loose sand. That's literally about all I have figured out. Tanner is going to hopefully do a few loops with me depending on the length as we don't know what that is yet. I've been trying to convince him to just jump in and try but he legit is very underprepared so that would not be smart. HAHA! Maybe next year! :)

Weather: It's looking like it's going to be 60 at the start to work it's way up to 80. SHEW! Our start time is 7:30am so hopefully by 12:30 at least, I'll be finished so I guess that won't be too much time in the scorching heat. It's also looking like thunderstorms so uhhhh, that's exciting? LOL! I weirdly hope it storms, but not too much.. just enough to where I feel like a BA ;) 

  • Plan A: 4:30 (this would be around 8:30min/mile)

I know this is a stretch but at the same time, I can easily hold sub 8 min/mile for long runs so I'm hopeful this is achievable. It all depends on the course which I have no idea about, and also the weather of course.

  • Plan B: 5 hours

  • Plan C: Finish alive (this should probably just be Plan A and I forgo the rest)

Race Plan: Keeping it simple-just listen to my body but making sure to stay conservative in the beginning. Recognizing that the pain cave starts at mile 18-20 no matter your distance so being prepared on how to fight through that for 11 more miles and not just 6 for most marathons. 

I only have last week's workouts so I'll share those.

There were actually some changes to this though and the totals in hours ended up being:

  • Swim: 1 hour

  • Run: 5 hours

  • Bike: 3.5 hours (all done on the trainer)

  • Lift: 2 hours

  • Weekly Total: 11 hours

I have never been so organized about all of this in my life. I typically just fly by the seat of my pants, figure out a time to squeeze some workouts in and never think about it. It's cool to see it all written out and will be cool to look back post ironman. I think I'll keep it up all the way up until the Ironman which is 22 weeks away. I FINALLY learned how to clip in yesterday. It was ABOUT TIME. I did my half ironman in tennis shoes which I didn't know any different, but apparently that's just so hilarious to the biking world. ;) 

I'm excited for next week's post about how all of this week went, and have a recap of the race for you. 

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