26.2 Marathons to Complete

Okay, I had a bucket list for races that I wanted to do a while back, and that list was just so small and it's always expanding and so I wanted this to be a list of races or even like challenges that I put together to give yall ideas of fun races to complete, or challenges to take on. I made the title "marathons" but there will other little funsies on here too. Let's get goinggggg. Also, please comment below one that you think of as well!!! It's my plan to complete all of these before I croak! :) 

1- Boston Marathon (the mac daddy of course-completed)

2- NYC Marathon

3-Chicago Marathon 

4- Pikes Peak Marathon

5-Big Sur Marathon 

6- Great Wall of China Marathon

7-London Marathon

8-Berlin Marathon

9-Philly Marathon (completed)

10-Twin Cities Marathon

11-Marine Corps Marathon

12-Vegas Strip Marathon

13-LA Marathon

14-Miami Marathon

15-Honolulu Marathon

16-Run Disney Series (Dopey Challenge)

17-Ragnar with only 6 people

18-St George Marathon

19-Lofoten Ultra trail 

20-Grandma's Marathon

21-Houston Marathon 

22-Paris Marathon

23-Tokoyo Marathon

24-All marathons in the Revel series (EXTREME downhills for epic PR's)

25-All World Major Marathons

26-Marathon in all 50 states

26.2 Marathon in each county of Cleveland County in one week to raise money for world hunger

I'm so glad I put this together so now I can GET.TO.WORK!!! It will be fun to slowly tick these off the list. Tanner and I are buying a huge map to go downstairs that we are doing the pushpin thing of where we have been and I'm thinking I'll get a different push pin to indicate where I've ran all my different races! WOO! Adventure and all is coming ;)

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