Pre Race Jitters and Thursday Thoughts

I think that we all get these jitters, but it's weird how prepared I feel emotionally, physically, and nutritionally for this race. I've never felt this way before and I have very little nerves. I just want to get out there and do the best that I can do. I think it's partly because ultras are really about enjoyment in nature, and with this being a loop course (10.5 miles 3x), I will get to see Tanner twice before I finish which is exciting. I'm just going to take it easy. With marathons, I think there is always that pressure to push just a little bit harder to see how fast you can go. I will always leave everything out there, but it really does just take the pressure off. 

It's hard to believe this weekend is here when I'm going to be completing an ultra. What a year this has already been! 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I was going to start becoming more of a healthy lifestyle blogger. I didn't want you to think that this was not what was happening behind the scenes still. I know no one truly notices but me, but let me tell you making those transitions and changes take ample amounts of time. Some of the topics that I'm moving towards are: 

  • Fitness Fashion 
  • Healthy Recipes with printables for you 
  • Big giveaways for you guys 
  • Blogging Tips 
  • How You Personally can become successful on social media/blogging 
  • Marriage & Faith 

I feel that health is an all emcompassing pendulum of financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, as well as physical. So many people just take it as face value but you have to have wellness in all of those areas to truly feel healthy. If you are financially crumbling but physically aesthetic then what does that do for you? 

One of the things that someone taught me at the beginning of this blogging journey which is something that I really try to keep in the back of my mind always, but that is, wherever you are, be present. I get asked so much "How do you do it all?" and the truth is that I don't. I have people that help me, and I do work really hard and most days I don't finish all that I set out to do. I feel overwhelmed some days, but if I'm spending time with my husband then I really do try to put the phone away and look into his eyes while we talk. When I'm spending time with my mom that is away from business, I try to REALLY spend time with her. I actually get mad at her if she texts while we are talking. I'm like "I KNOW YOU AINT LISTENIN WOMAN!" 

If I'm working, Tanner knows not to mess with me. He knows that Mondays are my check in with client day and that I'm going to be all in. I am 100% there. If I'm working towards something on transitioning of my blog then I'm going to be all in. I have the perfectionism streak and there are some days where I'm like AH I'M GOING TO PULL MY HAIR OUT but for the most part, I genuinely love every aspect of my life and I feel so very blessed. I feel blessed by this blog, blessed by my ever growing and changing business, and blessed by the community of people that I have in my life that make it so wonderful. 

I always think a lot while I'm running, and I feel that writing and blogging go so hand in hand. They are both this introspective way of expressing yourself, and I'm able to really verbalize the emotions that I feel and experience while running. That's all for today! :) 

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