Quit Freaking Out Over Weight Gain

Okay first things first ladies....quit freaking out in general. 

I read an article about the science behind hitting your goals, and you wanna know what the number 1 thing that helped people to reach their goals-HAVING FUN! 

Yes, the treadmill will burn calories but if you hate running on the treadmill and stop after 2 weeks, how is that going to help anything? If you are getting on it even for a 6 month period (for example for like a bikini bodybuilding show) and then you stop, that's just going to set you up for a rebound. I am a FIRM believer that if you remain 20lbs overweight in a stable manner eating well, eating a lot and doing what you love moving your body, you are MUCH healthier than someone that drives themselves into the ground and then rebounds. 

The one thing that you need to do in your weight loss journey is to find stability. You need to find a place that you can maintain and you should eat well to maintain that. I always go back to my friend Brandy who has an incredible relationship with food. She's been seriously the same weight since I've known her for 6 years. She doesn't eat healthy foods hardly ever but she looks like she does because she just simply listens to her body. On days she may eat a lot the day before, she's like "welp I'm not as hungry today so I'm not going to eat as much today." DONE. FINISHED. IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED. 

Everyone says "Yea she's young" but the reason she stays like this is she just simply doesn't make food a big deal!! 

Everyone says "Yea she's young" but the reason she stays like this is she just simply doesn't make food a big deal!! 

At my race as I was passing these two ladies, they yelled at me "Yea, we were young and skinny once without trying!" YEA OKAY WOMAN...if you only knew me... 

I was talking with my neighbor yesterday and she said that her family reads my blog about nutrition and we got to chatting about weight loss and how complicated we all make it. We want a magic pill. We say we want it easy but really, we want to make it complicated. We want a detox. We want some supplements, and a shake that will promise weight loss. I'm here to tell you it just really isn't that complicated. 

Can you have ice cream every day? Honestly yea you probably can. Can you have 2 bowls full? Well, probably not unless you are having that as your dinner. 

If you are actively trying to lose weight, then yes you are going to have to continually stay on a path that gets you there, and that's more complicated but for those that may have like 5lbs to lose that they have to fight for...why fight so hard? Do a cut for a little bit (just like I did because it's not that serious), and if it doesn't work, why not just enjoy life and food? Again, I feel I always have to add in the disclaimer that I DO NOT mean just having no goals and just going off on the other end. I'm talking about MAINTAINING your weight as foreign of a concept as that is. What a world it would be if we weren't either gorging and gaining or starving and losing!!! There IS a middle ground. 

If you take care of yourself, I promise you'll be much happier. 

What if you lived one day without waking up in the morning and thinking how you need to lose weight? It's possible. Just let go. 

Let's go back to the title...let's say that you've gained 20lbs. Let's say you've gained 50lbs and you are like "well crap!" Anyone would feel that way and those feelings are totally natural, but don't let that consume you. Don't let it affect your mood. Don't let it control you. Just start eating better. "BUT I DONT WANT TO EAT BETTER!" Well, it's really not that hard. Eating better does not mean eating salads and nasty food. Just start making small adjustments here and there, and it will start to add up. Maybe just add a side salad instead of those fries with your burger. Maybe just don't get ranch with the fries? Don't expect HUGE results overnight but know that you'll get to keep these results forever without messing with your metabolism.

The reason that everyone always talks about this "lifestyle change" is because in order to stay in good shape, you've got to just accept that you can't eat burgers and fries every day but that also doesn't mean that you can't have burgers and fries. We ALWAYS have to take it to one extreme or the other, and we really need to camp out in the middle. If you go to a church potluck and can't eat, what the heck is the point of that diet? If you go to a church potluck and eat until you can't move, why would you do that? haha! When talking with my neighbor, she said that women ask her all the time what she does (she's in her 60's) because she's very thin and "what diet is she on?" She has never once been on a diet. She's just not an idiot. She doesn't eat heavy foods because they make her feel BAD. Why do we want to feel bad so badly? haha! 

When we go on vacation, we lose all regards for foods that make us feel good because we have such a warped relationship with food. I'm a firm believer in just listening to your body on vacation. Why go on vacation and feel bloated and gross the entire time just to enjoy gross food? Why not feel awesome and just eat when you are hungry, stop when you're full, and whatever you want on vacation. It doesn't mean that you can't have those fun foods....but just STOP when you're full. 

Tanner's grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon. Do you think it matters what she ate? Do you think that it mattered what she freakin ate? NO. NO ONE CARES. NO ONE REMEMBERS THAT. Just STOP. Life is too short. Stop with all the extremes!!!! You were made for more.

Well, that felt good. ;) 

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