Garmin SALE!!

So I tried to make this post the other day and for some reason, the links caused something weird on my blog, so I'm going to try again because I want you guys to know about the sale going on this week. 

Garmin has two watches on sale, and they are both really great watches so I wanted to make sure yall knew about them.

I will upfront say that Garmin is not sponsoring this post. I just know that I get asked a lot about them and wanted to share. I also have not had either one of these watches, but I know tons of friends that have and love them both. The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a little more popular but they are very similar watches. 

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is on sale by $80!! Another thing of note is that Garmin doesn't do sales often so if you are thinking of buying one, I would go ahead. It's normally $330 and it's $249.99 (aka it's $250 lol). It comes with the wrist heart rate capabilities. 

You can exchange the bands on both of these watches as well to any color that you like! :) 

The second one for sale this week is the Garmin Forerunner 230. It's very similar to the 235 and it's a little cheaper. It's $50 off (normally $250 and is $199). 

The watch that I have is the Garmin 920XT which is my favorite tri watch. I honestly love how bulky it is but yet light weight. It makes me feel like a legit athlete (ha). The forerunner 235 and 230 have biking capabilities but not the swim so if you are interested in tri, then I definitely recommend this one. I love that it's not touch screen because I like to have buttons. When I'm working out, I don't know where my fingers are hitting all over that screen so I like to have something that I can physically touch with the buttons! Here is that link: 

It's so insane to me that just last year when I got this watch, it was $500 and now it's $400. That just goes to show you that technology is going to always improve. I make investments, and then I take really good care of my stuff so that even when there is the newest latest and greatest, mine still works fine. There are some newer watches out but everyone is being pretty negative about them and saying the battery life is not good and will die before the end of an ironman. I literally have no basis for that so that's just rumor and take it with a grain of salt, but sometimes newest isn't best because I LOVE my Garmin 920XT!! 

What watch do you guys have and why do you like it? In 100% honesty, I want to hear because I get asked all the time from being associated with Garmin and I'm always looking to learn. 


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