Self Sabotaging Diets with Binge Eating

This is such a common topic that it needs to be talked about. I get emails every single week of women talking about how they have been trying for months to do a cut (cut meaning decreasing calories in efforts to lose weight), and they self sabotage every single time. 

There is one thing to do for this: STOP. DIETING. 

For many though, this is impossible. They feel trapped in this cycle of restricting calories during the week only to go buck wild on the weekends or better yet, they are doing this off and on cycle every other day. I've watched TONS of girls talk about this and at a short time in my life, this was also my game plan. It's a never ending rotation and there are ways to get out of it. You just simply need to increase your calories. 

The biggest thing of note that is scary when increasing your calories is that you are fearful that this will cause you weight gain. You are also fearful that you won't be able to stop binging therefore you will have a higher caloric intake then the binge so you won't have the restriction to make up for the binge. OH THE WEBS WE WEAVE! No. Our body's are much smarter than we give them credit for and our mental state is almost 90% of the battle. As I posted about working out, you have GOT to be happy in order to make this gig last. I remember when I was eating chicken and veggies all the time. I would always think to myself that I loved the way healthy made me feel but I just wanted to gag at the look of another piece of chicken. I FEEL YA! ;) I knew that I had to find another way to do healthy or I just simply was never going to last. I was not educated at all.

We literally have not bought chicken in over a year now. I get it on occasion when we are out to eat, but that's it. In fact, the only true protein source that we purchase now is eggs. I need to do a follow up post about the amount of protein that you should be getting each day but before I do that, I'm just going to do a straight to the point on that which is that at the end of the day, whatever it is that you are wanting to do as your protein intake needs to be sustainable for you for the long term. THATS how you are going to stop the crazy cycle. 

I know I referred to the crazy cycle in my marriage in THIS post, but I also think there is a crazy cycle in dieting. You restrict which makes you binge. When you binge, you want to restrict again. It's so simple, but it really does take just doing it yourself to be able to trust it. You have to increase your calories, and most of the time by a pretty large amount (500 calories maybe). There is no standard of "increase your calories this much and you will stop!" and it's most definitely a mental issue that if you are truly struggling, I am NOT NOT NOT giving you advice on how to fix that through this blog. PLEASE do not interpret this blog to be that. My point is that you need to eat more!!! 

This is by far one of the most common "eat more and lose weight" scenarios. Your body is FINALLY at peace and knows the consistency that you are going to provide. I get the question from a lot of women that their calories are low, they are binging rarely but sometimes and they never progress. Should they reverse diet or cut first? Honestly neither. You don't need to slowly dial up your calories. You just simply need to eat more, get stable, do that for at least one full month and then you'll be on the right track to know what to do next. It may turn out, you don't even need to reverse diet. Your metabolism is not damaged but rather an adaptation. Adaptations take.....adapting. That means that you have to give it time. Don't expect to eat more one day and lose the next. Your body has to get used to the increased amount of carbs, and it will start responding. 

If you are someone who has been at a low caloric intake for a long time, then there is the potential that you could slow your basal metabolic rate however this isn't something that you should panic over. You simply just need to increase your calories for a bit, and it will help that. Staying at a low low caloric intake for months and years at a time is NOT good for the long term. 

This blog will be short because in all honesty, it is very clear cut what you need to do. This could be something that you've struggled with for YEARS and could all go away if you would just stop restricting. I PROMISE YOU. As someone who has coached HUNDREDS of girls, the second that a girl comes to me and says "I felt a little out of control this weekend", you can bet I always say THEN WE ARE GOING UP ON CALORIES. There are going to be times, yes, that you feel like WOOO I JUST ATE SO MUCH and it's not an out of control type thing with food, but if you are experiencing a cycle of overeating then you need to look to the satisfaction of your week prior. 

I know that I mentioned some things in this blog that might be unfamiliar to some that are new to the blog, so I'm going to link up some different articles that you can read. First, make sure to definitely check out the tab "IIFYM" because I've wrote tons on all of this. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below as well. 

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