It's okay to be a responsible human

Ladies, it's time to listen up. I really think that this is something that we have COMPLETELY lost sight of. We think that we haven't, but we most certainly have. I want to share something that's been on my heart from the first of the year that I wrote about in devotionals that I've written but that I just simply want to share with everyone, and that is this topic of the middle ground. 

I know that the programs that I write for you are about weight loss, but the deepest parts of my hearts is really not about that. I simply want you to find a place of stability. Every single person that I work with, I want you to just simply be happy. I just want peace for women. I don't just mean this with weight loss, but I mean this in every way. We ALL are immersed day after day after day with things that tell us how we are supposed to dress and look and act, and you know what...that's stressful. But guess what else? It's also okay to want those things. It's okay to want to feel beautiful. It's okay to want to look your best. There is no sin in that. 

This is my BFF's picture and it's so gorgeous and she's so gorgeous so I'm using it ;) 

This is my BFF's picture and it's so gorgeous and she's so gorgeous so I'm using it ;) 

The world teaches us that we are to be beautiful, and we all know that society pushes that. We also know that it's very much a huge part of society now-a-days to push in the opposite direction of "YOU LOOK PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE!" No make-up selfies and women proclaiming they eat terrible with pride. We praise this with: "YASSSS HONEY YASSS!". Don't get me wrong. I love a sassy woman filled to the brim with confidence, but I wonder if the over exertion of confidence is just in efforts to again hide the insecurities. I'm not trying to get all philosophical here. I guess my point is: why can't you want to be beautiful but not hate yourself while doing it? Why can't you put on make up in the morning because you want to? Why can't you eat well because it makes you feel good (and bonus: look good)? Why can't.... wait for this one .... we don't hate other women that do these things? Why are we so blasted negative to every woman who ever tries to better herself? If a woman becomes successful, you better bet every other woman is going to eat her alive. Women-as I always say-we have work to do. 

We blame society for the way that we feel inside when really it comes down to us. YOU decide how you want to feel. YOU alone can make those changes, and I know because I did. I wish you could know the girl I used to be. Lord help me Jesus, she was a hot mess express driver (chu chu). Yall won't ever find a non make up selfie of me on the world wide web. Does that mean I hate my face? Nope. I never think about my face to be honest. Does that mean that I'm "fake" or "insecure"? Nope. I just simply wear eye make up (cheap-o walmart stuff) because it's just what I do. I was explaining this to Tanner, but I don't think that I'm gorgeous. I don't think that I'm ugly. I just simply don't think about it. Who has time to think about that stuff? I always joke that I "know my level and it's not that serious" meaning "I'm really not all that cute, but I'm really not all that worried about it." Tanner, of course, over and over again inflates me up that I'm the most beautiful girl in the world (thanks hubs).

You are going to think I'm fishing for you to comment below and tell me I'm gorgeous. Uh, no. That's annoying. I'm just simply saying...girls....IT'S REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS. You are all probably kinda cute and that's okay. We all don't have to be Karlie Kloss and that's okay.

I'm confident in who I am as a woman that I'm really not concerned about what my face looks like. I'm confident in the athlete that I am therefore I'm not really that concerned about how my body ends up looking like. 

However, when I put make-up on my face, and I put on a nice outfit and I look in the mirror, I'm like "Good job Katie. You're rockin it today for what you have to work with!" (ha!) When I look in the mirror after a hard workout, I'm like "YOU GO GIRL!!! YOU KILLED IT!" 

Am I being arrogant? Seriously, no. That is the last thing I'm trying to say here. I'm just trying to say that it seriously all comes down to YOU. Believe me when I say that I know how hard it is to change the way that you feel about something. As Taylor Swift would say "Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met." (Let's have a moment of silence for that profound line) It's HARD to force yourself to stop putting yourself down, but it's possible. 

I've just learned to be far more concerned about who I am in Christ. I have learned that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and that has nothing to do with the beauty of my face or the size of my body. I made myself too busy in bettering myself to worry about putting myself down. I became consumed with Jesus and less with myself. I became less vain which is turn made me more confident. The focus is no longer me, me, me. What do I look like? What do I dress like? How does my face look? How does my body look? 

I just simply rested. I just simply stop worrying about it. I started doing more of what I enjoyed and less of what I hated just to drive a means to an end. I don't run to make me look good because folks, I'm gonna tell you right now, it's ALOT easier to lift some weights and follow some macros then to be a marathon runner. THERE I SAID IT-DONT HATE ME. I run because I freakin love it. I do extreme events because it makes me feel ALIVE. 

I simply started living, and I filled in the cracks with things that keep me responsible. 

It's okay to be a responsible human and eat vegetables. It's okay to be a responsible human and not wear sweatpants and make-up to the store. It's okay to be responsible and work hard. We are fed constantly with these double edge swords of pushing beauty but this lack of trying for beauty in order to be cool. 

Like no, I work hard to make my face not look a hot mess. I dress cute on rare occasions. I work out. I eat well. AND THAT'S OKAY. I don't hate myself. I don't loathe any of it. I'm not obsessed or crazy. I just simply go about my day and do these things and don't think about it anymore. I don't love myself always. I get down at times, then I remember all of the above and remember that you and you alone are the one that controls these thoughts.





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