7 Lessons Learned During Injury

I didn't talk about it much because I think I was pretending it didn't exist but during my Boston training, I had about 10 weeks of a nagging groin problem. I kept calling it my hip because in the beginning that's what it felt like but then I realized that was radiating pain and that the actual pain was coming from my groin area specifically my Sartorius muscle. I was convinced this is what it was. The coaches that I work with actually have a PT on staff who said they thought it sounded more like pectineous strain and then I had a PT tell me after just evaluating in person that they thought I had early stage arthritis based on the constant throbbing for about a day after each run. 

I never got an Xray. I'm very stubborn, and not because I don't want to know what's going on or to help myself but truly junk is expensive folks and I've had enough Xrays lately. haha! Nevertheless, the injury is gone now and I'm not sure which of the three that it was, but like 99.9% sure it's not early stage arthritis because if so, then I would have HAD to take a long amount of rest for this to get better and going into Boston I didn't feel that I could do that, and then it went away. Can I tell you about the day I was told this? I literally cried like for 8 hours. hahaha! I thought my career in running was over forever (career meaning my hobby ha). I was probably being a bit dramatic. So, that's the short story of what happened and now for what I learned. 


I said this in another blog post, but you have to decide the importance of the race to you. Most races are not going to be life or death but I had put A LOT of money into this race and I really didn't want to let it go.

Is this really something that I should completely stop running? If so, then by all means. However, in marathon training you have to realize that things aren't going to be rosy and peachy all the time and you have to decide if something is serious or not. Things are going to hurt. That's just part of the game, but is this just soreness? Is this an injury? Has this lasted a long enough time? 

I honestly get REALLY annoyed when you tell people like "eh my knee had a little inkling of pain today" and they are like "REST. DO NOT RUN. IF YOU RUN, YOU ARE SO ADDICTED AND STUPID." I know that's not what they say but they infer it. Like calm down folks, it's okay. I'm not running on a torn ACL here. It's just a nagging little pain that I was having. haha! 


I guess I won't say everyone because some people are lucky enough to avoid, but people on the world wide web want to always give opinions on how certain people get injuries and others don't and like it's a cause of them not taking care of themselves or something and that is just simply not true. There are things that happen to all of us and yes there are things that you can do for injury prevention and if you aren't doing those, then that's one thing, but my husband is a great example of someone who eats so much food of all varieties and mostly plants, stretches literally every day, does mobility work, form is literally perfect or he won't move up in weights, and yet he continues to get injury after injury. It makes me so sad for him, but sometimes that's just life.


I have taken MANY weeks off and come back from vacations or injuries and your endurance goes nowhere. I get LOADS of emails of people just terrified to rest during a training cycle. It's hard when you are first beginning marathon running because you feel if you miss a day then your whole training is just going to fall apart, but seriously it's not that serious. Your body will bounce right back, and just have trust in that. 


I ALWAYS tell clients to envision the aftermath of the injury. Let's say they are told to rest for 6 weeks. Six weeks feels like forever but it's a blip on the radar when it comes to life. You will be back out there. I actually kind of am like "Oh what a great time to lift" if it's like my last injury in that it doesn't hurt to lift. Find what you can do and enjoy that instead of worrying about what you can't and the time will fly by. When you look in the rear view, you are like "wow. that was really no time at all and now it's gone and I'm good." My groin thing was nagging me for 10 weeks-TEN WEEKS. I literally thought I had come out of the womb with that pain after 10 weeks but really that's no time at all! hahaha! 

For example-I'm over here talking about hip/groin issue and not even remembering I was out for 5 weeks with this! haha! 

For example-I'm over here talking about hip/groin issue and not even remembering I was out for 5 weeks with this! haha! 


If there is one thing I pride myself on and Tanner can tell you this, I seriously don't really get worked up and stressed out about something hurting until I've had it for like 2 months straight and then I'm like OKAY BODY I'M GONNA NEED YOU TO COOPERATE. hahaha! But really, is there anything that you have stressed about in terms of injuries that you think "Wow. that was worth stressing over." Negative. it's not. Just do what you can and come back when you can. You aren't going to blow up into a whale overnight. You aren't going to lose all athletic abilities and endurance overnight or over the period of injury. 

As if I don't talk about it enough, but forreal, think about other stuff. Push it out of your mind. It's not worth it. 


Think perspective and you'll stop stressing real quick. If I feel bad for myself that I have a pesky injury, I think about the athlete with cancer that would give anything to be able to just pedal on a bike again. So, that's about all I have to say about that. 


I think that could be an answer to all life's problems. But really, do the stretches that you need to do for your injury. Put ice on after runs. Do mobility work before and stretches after. It's silly to think that you can just be lazy with stretching and expect to get better. For example, plantar fasciitis. I even asked a PT about mine and he was like "Literally, all you can do is stretch and it will get better." I was just like "Are you kidding me? That's all. Well okay then." So be a responsible human unlike myself and stretch. 



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