Ironman Training Update

As you guys know, two weeks ago I ran an ultra. It's so bizarre because I told Tanner last night that it feels like I haven't done anything in the past 3 weeks. When you go into the races, you are tapering and then coming out of them, you are recovering so even though the event is huge, on the front and back ends, you are just feeling like BLAH. It's given me lots of time to do other things though which is good. I wanted to give an update at least every once in a while on how training is going. We are officially 4 months and 3 weeks out (20 weeks 3 days), which is HILARIOUS (and when I say hilarious, I mean like not at all) because I'm not even close to beginning to be ready. Wow. 

I think just looking up that date just put a new level of fear in me. 

The truth is, anyone can do anything so I know that I'll make it to the finish line, but in order to do it well and to not have to be tortured so much on the day of, I need to get my butt in gear. I talked with my coach about dialing back strength training for the remainder of the time because that's just not my focus right now and I know I can always get muscle back, but there is only so much time in the day and I can't fit it all in so we are going to switch to a 2 day full body split most likely at this point. 

I've gotten a lot of questions about this organization of my workouts, and it's called Training Peaks. I'm sure that you can get it and just set the workouts for yourself, but this is mostly used as a coaching tool because my coach can put my workouts in here and then I can easily just go into this on my phone on the app or on the computer and access the workouts. You can click on each individual workout, and it gives you details. I'll do today's for example. My coach can easily write up details for the workout, and then I can update him on the progress. 

Yall may not have seen this before, but it's definitely a widely used program so it's well trusted! :) 

I know that the training is hard to see on there, so I'll write out what I did last week going into this week. 

  • Tuesday (this was the Tuesday after the ultra): 45-60 min run as slow as needed to loosen up
  • Wednesday-Lower Body, Moderate 90 min cycle 
  • Thursday-Upper, 4 miles at 8:30 
  • Friday-Heart rate controlled run, 1 hour @ 140bpm (this was the written workout but in 100% honesty, I cycled for an hour instead because running this much wasn't on my to do list and my body wasn't feeling up for it) 
  • Saturday-same as Friday (written for 1 hour run, I did 1 hour cycle but of course discussed this with my coach first
  • Sunday-rest
  • Monday-Lower & speed on bike (60 minutes)
  • Tuesday-Upper & speed work in the pool (1500meters)

Looking at this, I am in fact doing a lot but just scaled back from long weekend runs so I guess that's why the whole week feels easier and my body feels less beaten up. Today, I have a long cycle but going to add a very short run on the end because it's GLOBAL RUNNING DAY!!! I can't miss out on that!! :) 

We are working towards making me a more balanced triathlete during this time focusing more on bike & swimming. If you look at a program at 20 weeks out, there is at least 2 hours of training daily with 3-4 hours of training on both Saturday and Sundays. I'm not saying that I'm not working hard, but this is definitely an ironman so I'm wanting to just feel like I'm doing everything right and as it should be going into this. I'm not someone who can see myself doing lots of ironmans, therefore I want to really make sure I do this one to the best of my ability and want to get in the best shape of my life hoping to PLEASE DEAR BABY JESUS stay away from injury. 

What are you guys training? Anyone going to be at Ironman NC? 

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