Weekly Round Up #2

So, I actually got a really great response from you guys last week on this post, so I thought that I'd just continue on doing it! :)

1. ASICS Running Shoes 

Everyone always asks me for my favorite shoe, and I have to admit that of all the brands, Asics works best for me. That does not mean that Asics are the go-to shoe, and you need to find the one that works for you. HERE is the link to the blog talking about how to find a shoe that works for you and I've linked up some shoes that are on sale this week for Asics if you are in the market for new shoes. 




The first thing I'm loving this week is blogging, and not just my own but finding a lot of others that I love to follow. I'll list some of those:

Nathan Maxwell - I met Nathan at the Gamelands Ultra 50K and I've never seen someone smile so genuinely. Every time I would run by him on the course, he was so encouraging, and I'm so glad that I found him on social media. He's seriously an incredible ultra runner and no big deal but he has SIX KIDS!!!

Run Tri Mom - I'm sure you guys know that Steph is one of my good friends, but she's really started blogging more, and I just really connect with a lot of the things that she writes about so I really enjoy following her.

Teresa Anderson - From the very first time, I came across her blog, I couldn't stop reading it. This was probably over a year ago, and I just get excited any time that she posts anything. I love her heart and I just envision her family to be like the family that I want to have one day.


Dude, they are spoiling us lately. This week's special is the smart index scale, and Garmin Vivosmart HR. If you click on those, it will take you to the link, and these sales will not be going on much longer (I think actually until tomorrow so if you see these in time, I would jump on it)

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit - Imperial Purple

  • Normally $150 --> on sale for $125

Garmin vívoactive Black

  • NORMALLY $250 --> ON SALE FOR $170

Garmin index Smart Scale - Black- It tells your weight (lb, kg, st), BMI, body fat and water percentage, and skeletal muscle mass and bone mass.

Normally $150 on sale for $129


I may have been crashing and burning in the beginning but I'm getting better and better and I can see the utility of these more and more for becoming more efficient on the bike. Here is the link to the ones that we got. I really like them. 


Oh my gosh yall. So, my cousin got me this 2 years ago and I absolutely love it. The only thing that I use it for is for reading on the treadmill when I'm getting mileage in. It makes the miles just fly by, and it's easy versus like a magazine or a book that will just flop everywhere. You can make the font bigger too so that you can see it. I went to go find the link for it, and it's one of "Today's deals" on Amazon, so what a happy accident! HAPPY READING! I stinkin love to read. My most recent finish was by Jodi Picoult linked up below.


I get asked about this A LOT so I wanted to link one up for you guys that works well. I did a review on one and I was very disappointed in that it stopped working shortly after I did that. BOO! I also felt bad I recommended it and then mine stopped working, but I guess that's life. I got a new one, and I've had it months and months and it's the best I've had (and probably the cheapest at $17) so here is the link to that: 

If you want to see WEEK 1 --> Here is that


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