Demonizing the Full Feeling

As I was writing a big long message to the girls on my team last week, I thought to myself, "Self, this would make a good blog post." So here we are.

In the emails that I get from a lot of girls on my team, I hear the words "I overate last night" or even if I give them macros to follow, I hear a lot "This is too much food. I'm so full."

I'm not saying this is bad, as this is very very typical. There are people who genuinely hate the way that feels. I know that my cousin Tyler since he was a baby has always said he HATED that feeling of being full. However, there are some (and many women) that are more of an emotional connection than it is a true "hating the full feeling".

Think about the phrase "overly full" in relation to anything other than food. My life is full. My marriage is full. My friendships are over in abundance. What a beautiful thing! It's meant to be such a positive word, but yet when it comes to food, we have demonized it. 

I challenged the girls on my team to think about why it is that they hate being full. Do they hate it because of what they think it's associated with? Do you hate it because you truly feel uncomfortable or because you associate it with weight gain? I think we all know the answer. Being full is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Being hungry IS NOT.

I think unfortunately after working with many many women of all variations of "relationships" with food, the feeling of fullness is associated with lack of weight loss or weight gain. I hear from many women "I can't believe I feel so full, and I'm losing weight." We are taught in our society that in order to lose weight, we have to be hungry and not full and in that same respect, it makes being full a bad thing. You WANT to be full. In our dieting culture, we have also begun to not be able to recognize the difference in our God given signals as well. 

We aren't even able to tell if we are hungry and full. We may think that we are "overly" full when in reality we are just satisfied and full. Our bodies NEED fuel. They need energy. There is a NEED for the fluctuation between hunger and fullness. Being hungry is okay too. That means that your body is working through your food. That means that you have a strong metabolism. That might mean that you are trying to lose a little bit of weight.

If you go out to eat, and you TRULY overeat, I am told by some girls that they get an overwhelming sense of anxiety. EEK!!! That's not good. You never ever want that feeling of fullness to be associated with a feeling of guilt and anxiety. That is something that you need to work through before moving forward with much of anything. I think that sometimes we need to THINK about our anxiety instead of just accepting that you are anxious. WHY is that so upsetting? 

The thing that we all need to recognize is that our body's are a swinging pendulum. Let's say you did overeat that one night. Uh, well, that's going to go away, and your body is fluid. It's going to bounce right back. Many times I think that we get SO worked up about our fullness that girls/guys end up just being like SCREW THIS and then go NUTS. That's so so so common. The feeling of fullness creates a "screw it" mentality for the rest of the evening and then the binge happens. 

When I used to binge eat, this was 100% my mentality. Thank goodness, I'm years free of that. It's the worst, but sister I totally feel you. It's like "I work so hard, and now I've already messed up so let's just make tomorrow a new day and forget today." DON'T DO THAT. Even though tomorrow is a new day and you can start over, accepting the act of binging is just not okay for your life. It's really not. Working towards a healthy relationship with food at all times is so important. It doesn't matter if you are halfway through a binge, if you stop, that's better than going all the way through with it. Okay I'm on a tangent, but I think this all goes hand in hand. 

All of this ties back to the relationship that we have formed with the feeling of fullness, and how that's this "bad thing." LET.IT.GO. 

If you are someone that has never thought about this, then I really do challenge you to sit down and even write down what it is that causes this to give you anxiety? Do you associate that with something bad? Write out your "worst case scenario" of what could happen from things that give you anxiety. This is what I do for EVERYTHING that gives me anxiety. I write out the WORST things that this means for my life. 

At the end of the day, the job you didn't get, the money you didn't obtain, the school that didn't accept you, and the boyfriend that left you is NOT the end of your life. Time will go on, things will pass, and if you had just not worried about it, you would have ended up in the same spot, so you might as well not even let it give you anxiety. That's what this is all about. Just let it go. Your worst case is maybe gaining like 20lbs or something. As I always say, you are STILL the same person. You ALWAYS have the decision to wake up every morning and make it a new day. 

Being full is NOT a bad thing. Being full is a very good thing. I hope that so many things in your life are extremely FULL!

I hope this helps. Be blessed girlfriend. You got this! 

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