7 Things to Know for New Bloggers

Hi guys! I'm trying to do a steady rotation of blogs on different topics, and I'm just so excited to share these type of tips with you, so I hope that some of you will find this useful. I believe that SERIOUSLY we all have something to bring to the table. I believe that we all have gifts that we can write about and learn from one another. I also really want to do some income reports with you guys, but I'm not that brave yet. There have been many people that tell me that this would be inspiring and helpful and many bloggers do it, but it definitely takes a leap of faith so I'll keep you posted on that. ;) 

For starters, you definitely want to check out my "How to start a successful blog" if you don't already have one of course, but if you do, let's get cranking. I hope that you will take this information to HELP you personally because I'm personally putting myself 


In blogging, this is actually really big. People expect things from you unfortunately and fortunately. If they are a follower of your blog, then most of the time they know when you post and they come looking for it. 75% of my views are from direct hits which means that 2000 people per day are typing in "www.katiesfitscript.com" which kind of makes me say, "WOWZA!"

People probably know that I'm blogging Monday through Friday and typically don't blog on Saturday and Sundays. I blogged this past weekend, and I noticed that my traffic was drastically lower. This is most likely because a) people didn't expect it b) people read from their office chairs (don't tell their bosses) so that is something to consider for the future of weekend blogging for me! :) 

With all of your posts, you want to make sure that you also consistently linking to other pages. Every single click that someone does to another page is a page view. Don't be shady and annoying and link up everything or like those AWFUL AWFUL websites that make you click for every single "Top 50 places to visit" or whatever and you have to click 50 times. Not getting page views off of me there! HAHA! So have some class always ;) 


I will do a blog on different ways that you can create income, but you want them to be coming from multiple places, and obviously this takes time to grow. This will be something that comes in the future. Passive income is obviously what you want the most of, but even passive income isn't always passive however it builds on one another. Once you get one e-book going, you can create another. For example, here are my different revenue streams: 

You work with companies within your targeted brand. My biggest piece of advice on this is that everyone and their brother will want to work with anyone, and you have to be willing to really look at what you are promoting and if you genuinely like it. Bloggers get SUCH a bad name for just spewing off all kinds of ads. I truly am so very grateful for professional bloggers. I am able to learn so much from so many different people, but in order for them to be able to create such beautiful content and images, that takes A LOT of time and effort so if you are reading this and you are not a blogger, just please be mindful of that. I just think about all of the women that get put down because they sponsor posts, but in the end, how else are they supposed to make a living doing blogging for some of them and give us all of their wonderful info?

There are many different companies that will match up bloggers with brands so you want to get in on those. You have to apply for some. The one that I enjoy the most is Social Fabric (Collective Bias). You'll find many campaigns that you can apply for-this can be on your instagram or your blog. The application is detailed but you start getting used to it and it doesn't take as much time. There are some such as AdThrive that I've heard are wonderful but you are only able to use these if your blog reaches 100,000 page views per month. I'm going to start being full disclosure on these posts and my blog gets about 85-90k per month therefore I don't qualify ... yet ;) 

This is for this month

This is for this month

  • Affiliate Marketing

If you don't know what this is, there is where you have different things that you promote and you get a portion of the sales that are made. There is an affiliate program for just about anything that you like, so what I do is if I start to like something, I google if there is an affiliate program and most of the time, you'll find one. The affiliate programs that I'm a part of are Amazon Associates and Bluehost. As I'm experimenting more and more, this list will most likely grow. Amazon has a fee schedule based on the different product that you are promoting based on if it's an electronic or in other categories that determines the commission rate (1-5%).

Amazon allows you to create your own store and gives you HTML codes to easily enter on your blog. It shows the full reports on pretty much any affiliate program on how many clicks you get as well as the amount that you receive from what is sold.

What this is showing is that I've had 1102 clicks, and the last one is the total earnings off of what was sold with a 3.27% conversion rate so it's pretty cool to see. 

What this is showing is that I've had 1102 clicks, and the last one is the total earnings off of what was sold with a 3.27% conversion rate so it's pretty cool to see. 

  • Ad Space on my blog

There are different websites that can give you some pretty good information based off the size of your blog in what you can charge. I keep this to one per month because I want them to be able to have full access to the "real estate" on my blog and can benefit the best. This also comes into play with determining your price range. You can have different ranges of course based on what pages you put ads on as well. 

  • Google Adsense 

This is always mentioned but it's very minimal income (I typically make about $100/month on this) however I used to make $20/month on this and just by growth of my blog and placement of my ads, and overnight starting May 19, 2016-my adsense jumped 600%. I was making pennies every day and now I make about $5/day. This picture is from this morning, and if you look under Yesterday, it says $5.43 and under that (606.2%) meaning in the past month, I've increased my google adsense that much. You guys might could tell the content shift of my blog focusing more on quality and providing good information to help and it brings more people to your blog so that's important moving into the next one.


I used to get so sick of hearing this as a new blogger. Like, no one is going to find me just by "creating good content" and I still stand by that and it's the truth. However, when you are smaller, you have more time. This time should be utilized getting yourself familiar with programs to make wonderful images (that can be used on pinterest and instagram), and then when you are building this thing up, you don't have to go back through (like I'm having to do now) and fix all the old stuff that's not what it should be just because I didn't know better. 

While there are some that get people excited about their lives, those are few. Hungry Runner Girl is one of them, and she's amazing and I love her. She writes about her life, and is a very popular blogger. However, the thing that I've realized that in order for your blog to get shares and for people to come back is if you are helping them solve a problem that they have in their lives.

You want to become really versed in one area and that needs to be the topic of your blog so that people know that you are an expert in that area. This shouldn't be a fake it until you make it type thing. You are most likely starting your blog because you have a passion in a certain topic. I'm just saying make it very streamlined. Mine is mostly macros and running so I should keep to those topics mostly. When someone comes to my blog for the first time, they need to have ample amounts of things to look at that makes them trust me in a particular area. 


**I'll share tips later on how to grow your email list** 

You want to grow an email list. I do not email my email listers. I will be soon though, but I'm not to that point yet, and I don't have a newsletter that I send out to them. I have a locked private user library that is to come. 

However, we do not own instagram. We do not own facebook. Facebook is a pay to play platform and instagram I'm sure will get that way eventually. They started with their new algorithm, and everyone freaked out. OH NO!!! It doesn't seem to really affect much that I could tell, but everyone was freaking out. The point is at the end of the day if facebook/instagram/twitter becomes obsolete, you don't want your business to just fall to pieces. That's where your email list comes into play. 

You do NOT want to annoy them. We all get enough emails in our inbox. I am NOT trying to give you another one, and I refuse. But this list is important. 


This is HUGE. Your blog will not become an overnight sensation unless you are very very lucky. You've got to be able to stick in here for the long haul and the stat is that 85% of bloggers fail. Don't let yourself be one of those. Hang in there. You can do this!!! 


Yes, I know that if you have a program that you are wanting to sell then you want people to purchase that program however they are going to have absolutely no reason to trust what you say unless you let them know what you are about. You have to tell them through your blog that you know what you're talking about. You have to send them free newsletters and give them giveaways. You want to instill trust in the people that follow you. Again, this should not be a fake it until you make it thing. Don't pretend that you know things ESPECIALLY in the health and fitness industry. That will get you nowhere REALLY quick, but if you are a NASM personal trainer, then share all kinds of tips and workouts. If you are a nutrition coach then share TONS of free nutrition advice. If you are a yoga instructor, share tons of tips about yoga. FREEEE!!! You gotta give it to them before they will ever buy from you. 


Boy, I try to keep up and it's hard but you need to try. I make email the number 1 priority just because these people have taken the time to reach out to me specifically so I want them to know that I genuinely do care and appreciate that. It gets overwhelming when there are 50 comments on instagram and 10 comments on my blog, and so I never mean to not respond, but sometimes I forget. No matter who that person is, that makes them feel as if you don't care even when you most definitely do. I never want to make someone feel that way. I really do appreciate every comment on my blog and instagram and facebook. I don't want them to think back in 2 weeks - "Wow I commented and Katie NEVER responded." I know that it happens because Bethany, my now BFF, told me that the first time she commented on my instagram I ignored it. PEOPLE ALWAYS REMEMBER. ANSWER YOUR COMMENTS. 

I know this is a lot to take in. Let me know if you have any questions about anything specific. Don't be overwhelmed but take things in chunks and get started! :) 

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