Top 9 Apps for Macronutrient Counting

The app that most all the girls on my team use is Myfitnesspal and I do feel very accustomed to it at this point, and have even done a blog post about how to use it in detail at THIS link, however I do think there are a lot of other apps out there that are super useful so I wanted to let you know about those as well as give you places to go to figure out how to use those in more detail if you so choose. 

This is the first time that I've ever double posted for the day, so for those that didn't catch my earlier blog, it was about self love ;) So, HERE is that. 


I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here, because you can find my full description above but the database is really huge on myfitnesspal, it's used the most so therefore most of your friends are going to be on there, and it's also able to sync with the fitbit which I know is important for some people. Remember, if your coach sets your macros and you decide to sync it with your fitbit, that doesn't mean to add back those calories. They have already put in an activity factor when calculating your macros for you. 


This is my second favorite, because it's huge on micros which I've become a really big fan of recently. I'm really trying to focus on my overall health and not just about macros so I've been working on getting all of my essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals and it's fun to watch that tick up as the days progress. You might realize that you are overloading in one area with vitamins but not getting any of the others so it helps you to add variety. 

3. Lose It

This one is recommended by a lot of people, and I am not super familiar with it, but it looks like a very comprehensive place to track. The database is not quite as good, but there are good little images to go along with your foods. HAHA! 

4. MyMacros + 

This app was created by a bodybuilder and while it's great, you have to enter in a lot of your foods. They do have 2.5 million items in their food database so it by NO means a bad app AT ALL, but just something to consider. I definitely think it's worth looking into. 

5. Nutritionist

This one is great for those that want a little more accountability in that it will give you advice along the way and tips to stay on track with portion control and other various things. They also have a very large database OFFline which is nice for when you don't have signal in some areas, and I have a hard time getting Myfitnesspal to pull up. That doesn't happen that often so it might not be something that is a priority but just giving the full disclosure.

6. Calorie King

Many people get VERY frustrated at myfitnesspal because of the inaccuracy of their macros at times, and feeling like they have to double check in different locations to figure that out. I'm just not a perfectionist with it so it's never really bothered me. 

7. Fitocracy Macros

This is just simply meant to track your macros and does not have a food database. It helps you to set macros for each meal and breaks that down for you and will give you calculations for making goals for yourself. It's not nearly as in depth but you can at least check it out. 

8. Spark People

This one is definitely underrated, but apparently it's said to have a lot of "fluff" on the reviews. I honestly don't know much about it, but it looks like a good app from looking over it. I think it's good to be able to go through each one and figure out what is available to you and decide for yourself. 

9. On the Regimen

This was created by Mike Vacanti because he felt that he was looking all around for an app that had good qualities to it, but couldn't find one that he liked. You can see his post HERE about the release of his app. I really like what he's doing in the industry and think that he's a great resource as well. He believe the Myfitnesspal calculations to be crappy just like I do. 

If you don't even know what macro counting is (haha- I know most of you do), reference this blog post, and then you can go to the resource library to find a wealth of information on the topic.





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