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I always find it SUPER interesting to read about celebrity diets. If you don't know who Candace is, WAKE UP!! LOL! It's DJ off Full House!! :) I always wonder if they have spoken with nutritionists, and what makes them come to the decisions that they do. I think they get information, but sometimes I wonder if they see the full picture, and I don't mean specifically Candace but just all of them. I think many times it's mostly about looks, and I TOTALLY get that. Candace said that it was part of her job to look this way and people on instagram, of course, are rude about that, but it really is just part of the game of being in Hollywood. 

SERIOUSLY SHE'S 40!? LOOK AT HER! Both pictures captured from her instagram

SERIOUSLY SHE'S 40!? LOOK AT HER! Both pictures captured from her instagram

Candace did an article for cosmo and stated that she eats mostly vegan except for egg whites and some fish. That's actually very similar to me which I found interesting of course. First of all, I adore her and she's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! She actually gets a lot of judgement on her instagram. I don't know why but her page just seems to attract it. Everyone ALWAYSSSS is going to debate on nutrition from every angle. You need to be vegan. You need to be vegetarian. You need protein. You need to eat more calories. You need to eat less calories. Blah Blah! You have to figure out what works for you. Candace says that she struggled with bulimia in her early 20s but has moved on past that. I think this is probably very common for women in Hollywood trying to navigate nutrition in their lives and just about every woman in general. Honestly, if you look to the earlier years, Candace was not always in the shape that she is now so she's definitely had to work for it and I'm sure that wasn't easy.

She shares 3 days of what she eats. It looks like she is on the go a lot of the time, and she says that she doesn't track calories. People were like "OMG THAT'S SUCH LITTLE FOOD" but the truth is, we don't know the portion sizes. I thought that I would guess and put together what the calories and macro ratios of her 3 days were just because it would be interesting to look at. So here goes: 

Please keep in mind that I do not know her portion sizes, and tried to guess the best that I could. Oh boy, let's have a look. 

Day 1: 900 calories 45g P 105g C 34g F 

Day 2: 1200 calories 71g P 142g C 47g F

Day 3: 1400 62g P 170g C 45g F 

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that the portion sizes that I'm guestimatting for her are larger than what I would expect typically for a woman to eat on a regular basis. It looks like she has pretty much 3 square meals with tiny snacks (such as either an apple or half of a vegan protein bar). But man oh man! :( 

THIS is why I recommend people tracking and especially using IIFYM so that she isn't fearful of certain foods. I guarantee you that she doesn't think that she's undereating, and she would probably be very offended if anyone claimed that because she has probably worked really hard to overcome bulimia where she would constantly overeat. The issue is that if you don't track then you have no idea and could end up screwing yourself over by not eating enough and then your body just goes nuts on certain days because you aren't feeding it enough on a regular basis. I think that sometimes tracking gets a bad rep as if tracking makes you obsessed, but I don't think so at all. I think that it helps you to learn. 

I do appreciate that I think that she tries to get a balance of fat, carb and protein every day. You can tell just by the choices that she makes. On the airplane home that last day, she had a veggie salad and a glass of wine. She said she skipped the main meal for the glass of wine, and I think this might be something that a typical lady might do that is trying to keep her weight in check. I don't think that Candace for one second thinks "Oh I'm hungry but I can't eat." ABSOLUTELY NOT. She's just "eating clean" and "making good choices" while she's on the road all the time for work, and sometimes those calories don't add up even when we think that they do. I also think she could eat WAY more and still maintain her weight of course.

If you are someone who isn't tracking and trying to eat clean but then going nuts on the weekends then I think it's worth taking a second to track even if it's just for one week to see where you land and then maybe you could realize some really interesting things about your diet. 

I also NEVER EVER want this to appear like I'm putting Candace down. I genuinely really LOVE HER and think she's an incredible person and she might be eating huge serving sizes of the foods she listed. I thought this was super interesting for sure. 

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