Favorite Devotionals for Women

I know that I've been asked to do this post for a while now, and I kept trying to figure out which ones that I wanted to share just because I wanted you guys to have the best options and choices to be able to start delving more into the word. 

One of the things that I think about when I'm starting a new devotion are if I want things to be emotional or do I want to learn something? Tanner and I took an intensive study this year with someone at our church on the book of Revelation. Man, it was awesome but it had very minimal "feelsy" aspects of it. We were just simply diving into every single word with context leading it back to the Greek and Hebrew. I think that's an amazing thing to do sometimes. It really gives a deeper understanding. I think sometimes that when you just sit down with the Bible, and you open it then you can tend to happen upon verses that you cherry pick and make them have meaning for your life, and while that's WONDERFUL, you want to make sure that you are truly understanding what the passage was talking about. 

I also didn't realize something growing up which is that the footers in the Bible are just from people doing their best interpretation of what they think the meaning of the passage is. Yes, they are scholars and know WAY more than me, but that is not to mean that what they are saying is to be taken without any thoughts of what you believe as well. I always just encourage people (and not that I think I'm some pro) but just to critically think about things that you read even on my blog (especially on my blog) and to make your own decisions about how you feel! :) I'm going to post the Amazon links below each one. 


I wanted to start with one that my good friend Michelle at Cross Training Couture just released this week called "Famous in Heaven and at Home". It's about the Proverbs 31 woman and how we become exhausted by her in that she represents everything in a woman that we can't be all at once. I have only looked through this book for the past few days but I am so thrilled to learn from Michelle as she has been studying and teaching these passages for 4 years now. 

Instagram: @michellemyers , @crosstrainingcouture (they are the same ones I just posted on instagram about their new tank top)


He has written a commentary for just about every single book of the bible, and this is SUCH a great learning tool while also tying in how you can apply this to your life. It's not going to be a quick read. It's more like reading it as a book. It goes through a small group of verses at one time, tells what really is going on and then explains why that is important. I really love the way that he writes. Here are quite a few different ones depending on what book you would want to study.


This is a guide that my good friend Jordan made that is to help you with making your bible study FUN. She highlights and writes all over her bible, and I just love it and she shows you the method that she uses for this. If you don't know about her instagram and blog, she's an absolute gem whom I adore <3 

Instagram: @soulscripts


Lara Casey talks a lot bout making things happen, and how she had to let go of her perfectionism in everything, take the leap to do what she felt was her purpose and let God lead her in that. She talks about how we need to recognize that there is a purpose bigger than our own and that we have to surrender to be able to fully fall into that. She has one that comes with 31 days of prayer bundle on her website, so that would be a cool one to check out.

Instagram: @laracasey


Kristin's devotionals are very short and to the point and are fantastic for those that are in a hurry in the mornings. If you just want something that you can read super quick, jot down some thoughts, then go get ready then this would most likely be the one for you. She has a lot of different options as well and comes out with a new one all the time so she's definitely one to keep on your radar because typically her older ones she will cycle back through on sales.

Instagram: @kristinschmuker


Wild and free in the title really gives a good synopsis of what it's talking about. It really helps me in a world where that is EXACTLY how I feel. I'm not a quiet person so I sometimes feel I could get that gentle nature part of myself together. LOL! 


This is my personal devotionals that I've wrote because I felt that there was a place for women to feel as if they could pursue their fitness journey while also walking diligently in the faith. It can be tricky muddling through those waters, and so I just felt really led to do this before the Lent season and it brought me so much joy. It also taught me SO much as I felt sometimes as if things that I needed to hear, I was writing. It's a 40 day study. Mine, like Kristin, is just one page each day with thoughts at the bottom that you can write out what you are feeling about the topic for that day. 


So many love this one and it really is fantastic. It is spoken as if every writing is Jesus talking to you, and there have been so many days that I read this and think "Wow, this was literally exactly what I needed on this exact day, so that's been really cool. I love this one and could go through it 5 times over and over again. 


This devotional goes through so much that is based on Psalm 1:3. The different topics discussed are bible study, prayer, meditation, confession, worship, fasting, simplicity, obedience, giving, joy, and fellowship (so many of the fruits of the spirit). She talks about how we are planted and some seasons are for watering and some seasons are for pruning. I just love this study.

Instagram: @livelivedbeautifully

If you're just reading through, if you want to go back through and click on the hyperlinks that you see, it will open them all in new tabs so that you can search around. I also want you guys to know that none of these girls asked me to include them in a blog. Honestly, they might not even ever see that I referred yall to it, so I genuinely mean it when I think that what they are doing is great stuff.

10. One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

This book is written by Ann Voskamp, and I actually have not read it but it's on my top and I've heard nothing but amazing things so I had to put it on the list. I absolutely love following her instagram page to really just see what it looks like to walk daily with the Lord guiding her life. It's really inspiring. 

I know that a lot of these were books and not devotionals, but like I said I really like to spend time in the mornings just going through maybe 5 pages and highlighting them like crazy and writing notes on what I read. If there is no Scripture in those pages, I might google something that I feel to be relevant, open up my bible to read some and jot down some verses on the topic. If I don't always have scripture, that's okay too. I just try to start my day with some kind of seeking the Lord's presence in my daily life. It really does help to start your day in that way, so I hope this list of amazing women blesses you like they have me. 

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