Hormones are real, y'all!

So I know that each month, we have a visit from someone that we aren't too fond of and we just kind of have to deal. My husband knows now not to brush off the way I'm feeling because of hormones, and even so much as this morning he called it "the h word." HAA!! 

The problem is that everyone really does think it's one big joke, when it is very real to us and it's something that we have to just suffer fest through each and every month. On top of the fact that the week of is yucky, typically the week before is pretty terrible also. 

This month is particularly awful for me for who knows what reason. I am very thankful to have one because back in the ole eating issue days, I did not, so each month is a sweet reminder that I'm really taking care of myself now and that I am woman. Hear me roar. Ha! However, the tears are very real, the pain is very real, and the water retention is very real. I wanted you to know girlfriend, you are NOT alone. 

I coach for a full time job and every single week that I do check ins there are many girls that say "I'm 3-5lbs up but it's my time of the month." I know that we know this but let this sink DEEP into yo brain that the weight gain is NOT fat gains. The weight gain is a shift in your hormones causing water retention that will fade away at the end of the week. Do not panic. Do not stop eating. Just simply relax, continue doing what you are doing, and drink a ton of water. 

Now that we have that silliness out of the way, let's talk about the other ways that it affects us. TEARS. REAL HUGE TEARS. They roll down your face almost out of nowhere with no warning and no explanation. Life is great. Everything is great and BAM! haha! Things just feel heavierrrrr in every form of the word. All of the small things or pressures in life that you normally can handle just fine just seem really heavy on your heart. All of the things that really don't matter in the big picture feel like the biggest deals. AND THAT'S OKAY GIRLFRIEND. Give yourself some slack. Cry those tears. Don't let your husband brush is off with the H word because the truth is y'all, they think we have lost our minds. (haha) Okay maybe not, but probably! I think it's important to recognize that you are in the midst of this week and that it WILL go away. This will help you to rationalize your emotions and put them in their perspective boxes of what is and is not important. However, I relate this to someone with a mental illness. The issues that they face may seem trivial to most people but to them, it's very real. And that's the same to us during our periods.

The pain that you feel (I like to describe this as my ovaries are going to just fall right out of my body) is VERY REAL! You aren't making that up sister. It's okay to take Midol and eat chocolate in it's wonderful abundance. 

Also, as an athlete, your performance will most likely suffer. Everyone is very different on the sliding scale of how much this affects us so there may be some athletes that it doesn't matter as much. However, strength athletes, this can become a real issue for them. Their lifts can almost decline like 25% and it's almost better to just know that this is happening and not fight it. Typically, this is going to happen the week prior to your actual period, but for other women the worst week may be the actual period. 

Can we just take a moment of silence for women? Two weeks out of every month (give or take), we have shifting of hormones, decrease in performance, erupting emotions, ovary falling out pain, and water retention keeping us from effectively losing weight if needed. THAT'S JUST UNFAIR!! I just want you to know girlfriend that you are a rockstar and a warrior. haha! Don't stop fighting. It might take you longer than your male counterpart, but keep on trucking. 

I think that even this article is a little bit funny. Hormones are funny, right? We do dramatic things. We chalk it up to the period, and everyone moves on. But it really does suck, and it's okay to just say it out loud for once. 

Even though I intended this blog to be about girlpower, I also want to say... "Don't be a whimp!" Sister, you are strong. You are a fighter, and it doesn't matter if you only get two effective weeks of each month because that's all you need. Don't use this as a crutch to not try. Don't use this as a crutch to yell at your husband when he didn't do anything wrong. Ask for him to be gentle with you, but don't use this as a "Get out of jail to yell at people and not try at life" free card. But I wanted you to know that I stand beside you to let you know that periods suck. That is all. 


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